Trystan Magnus' birth story!

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Trystan Magnus' birth story!

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Hey girls! Forgive me for being absent these past few days! I normally am on via my work computer... my home computer is shot and I've been dreading typing all of this out on my phone but I have no other choice! So as you know I had my Dr appt Tuesday morning. I went in praying that I would be dilated more so that she would just send me straight over to the hospital. I was in so much pain, just walking from my car to her office was excruciating. So she checks my cervix and Im 6 cm dilated! She asks me to get dressed and meet her outside. By this time my heart is pounding and even DH looks nervous. I get dressed, go out into the hall, and she tells me to go straight over to l&d to be admitted. Thankfully we had dropped D D off at my moms earlier... and the boys were in school! We walked out and I immediately called my mom to let her know that she was going to get a grandson as an anniversary present... yes, the 22nd was also my parents anniversary! She was so excited she started squealing... and let me knowshe could pick up ny boys from school no problem. So down the street to the hospital we went. Thankfully I had also packed my hospital bag and put it in the car before we left the house. We head up to the third floor, and get checked in around noon. They hook me up to all of the fun monitors, and torture me with the iv... trying in my left hand to no avail before switching to my right. I told them I didn't want pit since I was already dilated to 6 and asked if they could just break my water to move things along. They said they would have to check with my ob... and of course a few minutes later they come back and tell me that they have to give me pit. Well, I knew that pretty much sunk any hopes I had of a natural delivery, as I've had two babies with pit and the contractions were unbearable. So I tell them that I'll want an epi and to please give mw whatever fluids I'll need for that so that i can have them asap. So the nurses (who are sweet as can be by the way) get that all going. The contractions start coming on right away, but nothing I can't handle. Finally a resident doctor comes Dr comes in to break my water around 1:30, and that's when the contractions really kick in. Pretty much right away they become unbearable and I let the nurses know. By 2:00 the anesthesiologist arrives and places my epi within five minutes. It takes about thirty minutes to kick in, but when it does sweet relief arrives! I did become extremely sleepy, and pretty much laid there and rested. They checked me right after the epi and I was dilated to 8, so they just left me to get to 10 in peace lol. By 4:30 I was dilated to 10 and they wanted me to do a test push before calling the Dr. I laughed and said that when they wanted me to do that with my last baby, I pushed once and they yelled at me to stop... which is exactly what happened with this baby too! My Dr showed up, suited up, and sat down there waiting for me to have a contractions (as I couldn't feel anything) and when she said ok push, that's exactly what I did! I grabbed the back of my legs, chin to chest, and pushed... and his head was out and she told me to stop pushing. I couldn't believe it, she was functioning his mouth and nose out, and she said, "are you having a girl?" I told her no its a boy and why was she asking (and yes, this conversation was taking place as he was hanging half way out if me lol!) and she said it was because his face was so beautiful that she automatically assumed she was delivering a girl! Even the nurses were commenting on his huge chubby cheeks and how gorgeous he was! So I gave one final half push and at 4:53pm he was out! They put him immediately onto my chest and I got to look onto his beautiful face for the first time... it was incredible. He wasn't crying, just whining a little bit... and he truly was amazing to behold! After a few minutes they took him to be cleaned up and weighed. He was 9 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long, apgars were 8 and 9. Because he was over the average weight of a baby, they had to check his blood sugar every hour for four hours, but thankfully everything was ok in that department. The placenta was delivered about ten minutes after birth, and that was perfect as well. No tears or anything... which Im so thankful for, as I have had zero pains down there... even from day one. The only issues I've had is the cramping from breastfeeding, but luckily that's contained with motrin. He's an absolutely incredible baby who loves to eat and I can't get enough of! My milk came in on Friday morning, and he's loving life lol! Im so thankful that I've been able to share this journey with you girls and I look forward to reading all of your future birth stories, and watching our babies grow together! If you've made it this far I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed Trystan Magnus' birth story!

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Aww he is beautiful!

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He sure is beautiful, great work mamma & TFS your birth story!

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Sounds like a fairly ideal birth story!! And he really is a BEAUTIFUL baby!

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He IS that gorgeous! Congrats MAMA!!!