Trystan's first Dr appt

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Trystan's first Dr appt

Trystan had his first well check this morning! He's one week old today. He weighed jn at 8lbs 14oz, so he's only down 4oz from his original birth weight. He's now 21 in long, two inches longer than at birth! Everything looks great otherwise... the only issue is that he's had super runny poops so the Dr said for me to cut back on any diary, especially milk, as maybe he's lactose intolerant? Im hoping that works... Im going through tons of diapers because every time he farts he has the squirts lol! He also was circumcised today... i cried about it all last night because I really didn't want to do it because I didn't want him to be in any pain... but I know it was for the best. Thankfully DH met me there... he took an hour off if work, and did the circumcision, as there's no way I could sit through that. Anyway, everything looks well with my little man!

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Glad he had a good appointment! I thought BFed newborns always have runny/frequent poops... no?
Hugs about the circ. We circ'ed the first 4 of our boys and decided against it with the last 2 ( big age gap). It does heal pretty quickly though!

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He grew two inches! Holy cow! And that's awesome he is almost back to birth weight. Right on mama!!

We had our guy circ'd at the hospital. My first though we had to wait til he was 3 weeks old bc he was so small and the OB was afraid to do it. It's sad when it happens but soon enough it heals and it will be a distant memory. Then our boys can go on to be obsessed with their dinkles just like every other man, lol!

Congrats on a great appt. Good work mama and baby!

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way to grow Trystan!

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Wow...grew 2 inches! Glad he is doing so well.