Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

What's left on your To Do list? Are you completely organized & ready or procrastinating & in denial?

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Let's see! Lol!

Prime and paint entire basement
install floors and mouldings
install closet organizers
move entire basement contents from second floor
install doors

get rid of extra furniture upstairs
prime and paint Mélodie's new room
buy new furniture and have delivered
buy final accessories and decorate

buy and paint letters for both girls rooms (something I could actually do myself!!)
buy: more diapers and wipes, nursing cover up and nursing bras
install closet irganisers in both girls rooms and put away their things
declutter kids books and move to my classroom (wow! Something else I could do this week!!)

wash baby clothes and inventory supplies (after everythings put away)
wash crib linens, install new curtain rids in each room

unfortunately one step has to be more or less dine before the next

I'll wait to buybras and wash clothes until I'm about 37 weeks to make sure they fit and the clothes smell fresh

oh bring out swing from shed and wash, wash and install new car seats (once again around 37 weeks.

Right now I'm at the mercy if my husband who luckily actually IS making progress downstairs.

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Shampoo carpets
Clean/Purge closets
Buy new bedframe w/drawers
Buy hanging storage solutions
(eta: baby stuff is currently sitting on our floor in bags until above happens)
Purchase and install towel racks
Purchase and install spice racks

4 weeks of birth class
~7 additional prenatal appointments
Pick up a few items for & pack birth bags
Make a few freezer meals
Install car seat
Wash clothes (around 37 weeks also)
Buy a few nursing bras

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OK, now I feel overwhelmed, just reading those!

Do a deep clean and reorganize furniture in master bedroom
Set up crib in master bedroom
Get dresser from storage, put in master bedroom
Sew new ties on crib bumper (they all ripped off when DS used it!)
Get baby clothes from SIL
Wash clothes and stock dresser with 0-3 month size clothing
Spend a day making freezer meals
Remove half of 2nd row seating in our vehicle
Move DD and DS carseats to 3rd row of vehicle, install infant carseat in middle row
Pack hospital bag
Get baby swing out of storage
Reorganize all closets in house so we have room to store baby clothes (we have no basement to store things in, since we rent out our basement suite

Get a pedicure and manicure around 37-38 weeks Biggrin

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buy more cloth diapers
buy a double stroller
sell the old stroller
sell our old vehicle and buy a bigger one
wash all the baby clothes
get another dresser

I am sure there is other things I am just forgetting but I'm sure I will remember last minute

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totally still in denial! and i'm not even really kidding! i keep thinking, "all the kid needs for the first few days/weeks are diapers, a boob, swaddle blanket, and the pack n play (where he'll sleep til we get thomas a regular bed)" so i just keep procrastinating on everything else. should i bring up some clothes? probably. but until i know how much this kid is going to weigh there's no use in guessing what size i need. i made that mistake with thomas. assumed he'd be in 0-3 months when he came home. well, when you have a 5lb baby he doesn't fit into 0-3 months for a loooong time!

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We really don't have a lot to here now.

Need to run a steam mop/shampoo through the lounge and dining.
Pick up bassinet and set it up - closer to 39 weeks
Pack hospital bags (I need to get granny panties,pjs,pads), and buy diaper bag.
Buy wipes/disposable diapers/bath stuff.
Get some nursing tanks and bras.
Buy stroller.

I think that's about all for now.

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I did so much more for baby #1 lol By Sept we had his room all done etc.

This time....I'm opt'ing for the lazy route.

The things I do want to get done.....

Bedroom - either organize the spare room to fit a crib or make it another kid's room we've yet to 100% decide on that. But I don't really need to accomplish that until October

Oct/Nov I'll wash all of my newborn/0-3 mo clothing and get that prepped

Oct/Nov I'll wash all the mats/toys/blankets etc we'll be using.

We bought a small pack of NB diaps, we bought a box of size 1 (Evan came home in size 1 so I'm not banking on needing NB long if at all) both with good coupons. I nurse so the boobs will do their thing. As long as we have plenty of batteries for the vibrating chair and swing I think we'll be fine Smile

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"lily0624" wrote:

should i bring up some clothes? probably. but until i know how much this kid is going to weigh there's no use in guessing what size i need. i made that mistake with thomas. assumed he'd be in 0-3 months when he came home. well, when you have a 5lb baby he doesn't fit into 0-3 months for a loooong time!

True! DD was 7 lbs 8 oz so she wore newborn clothes and newborn diapers for almost 2 months. But DS was 9 lbs 7 oz so he only wore newborn clothes and diapers for a week! Then he was in 0-3 month clothes for just over a month until he moved up to 3-6 months!

All depends on the baby and how they grow! This time I will have a few newborn clothes ready but I anticipate another big baby so I'll mostly just stock drawers with 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

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I already feel like this kiddo is a chunk so I'm going to assume he'll be like his 9lb 5oz 21.5" brother and won't need a lot of the tiny gear.....we'll see though maybe he'll prove me wrong! But at the rate I've gained weight lately I kind of hope not LOL

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I'm just praying this one stays under 10 lbs! Please please please.........

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Get a dresser from grandma, then put clothes in that dresser.
Clean carpet.
get another nursing bra.
Put car seats in(around 36 weeks)
get some nursing tops Smile I love new clothes...
Figure out i'm suppose to put in my hospital bag?

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Almost all ready. I just have to wash his clothing, although it's already in his dresser. (I'll wash it closer to the edd.) Then just pack my hospital bag. That's about it. There are some extra things I can do, but they are not necessary. My biggest thing is get through this semester of nursing school and hopefully he'll stay in to 40 weeks Smile (at least!)

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Ugghh I still have so much to do. We finally (pretty much) cleaned out DH's mancave to make way for Trystan's nursery... all that's left are his stacks of comic books that are all over the floor which we have to get boxes for. Once that's done I have to paint the walls (I really want to stripe eggshell and baby blue) and then move his furniture upstairs (it's down in our dining room right now, as I don't want to move it up until the room is fully cleaned out and painted). Once that's done I'll put the bed set together, hang the pictures, and put away his clothes. I know it'll be done before he arrivs, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a few weeks before lol!

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I have to get nursing bras! Thanks for the reminder!!
Most of the baby clothes are washed and sorted in a plastic bin.
Still need the "coming home" outfit.
Need to order aden+anais swaddle blankets.
pack the hospital bag