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Well, I have been so sick that I cant even function. I'm on three medications now and if i cant get more liquid and food into me in the next two to three days I'll have to be admitted for rehydration. That I can handle, what I can't handle is that the last two doctors Ive seen have brought up the dreaded twin word. Ive had an ultrasound at six weeks but apparently they often miss a twin at that stage. My next ultrasound is May 2 and I am terrified. I dont know how I would handle it. My family is far away and my husband next to useless with newborns (hes great with dd now that shes two but until then nothing nada zip).

Please send me eating and drinking vibes as well as only having ONE baby in there!

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oh boy that would be crazy. I hope you can eat and drink soon...1 baby in belly vibe for you my dear

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I remember 3 ladies from my August BB who had severe nausea and vomiting and they all has single babies, hopefully it will be the same for you!
Hope you can keep something down today.

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Try not to stress. {{{{healthy vibes}}}}

If it makes you feel any better, with my twins, I had absolutely NO morning sickness, nada, I didn't even know I was pregnant until with my twins until I was almost 3 months along. But with my DS#1, my first singleton, I was sick as a dog and could not keep anything down.

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I would not stress about it! I found out at 12wks that it was twins and I really had no symptoms! I had 3 days of a queasy belly and the only other symtpom was exhaustion! Hopefully your scan will only show 1 baby Biggrin

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Well I am sicker with this PG then I was with my twin PG. And my numbers were higher with this one as well and I know there is only one. Sending you 1 baby vibes Smile

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I have twins... they're 5 now but what a crazy experience! Things happen for a reason; I wouldn't trade them for the world. Good luck and keep us posted!! Hope you feel better soon!

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Sending you singleton vibes }}}

Hoping you can get some relief from the horrid ms.