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Two questions

When are you packing your hospital bag? Are you buying a big brother or sister gift?

I'm thinking 36 weeks. I should be induced between 37 and 38 but just in case... Ill also install the caraway base in our cars then too.

I bought dd3 a princess bassinette a few months ago at a garage sale that she hasn't seen. I'm going to get dh to set it up in her room while I'm at the hospital (shell be at grandmas) at the hospital the new baby will give her a new baby too.

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Ooh, a big brother gift! What a great idea. I'll have to find something. Right now ds loves cars, trains, and vacuuming. Maybe I'll pick up a Thomas book or something, because our "special" time every evening is right before bed, and we snuggle and read stories. DS is so cute--he will ask "stowries pweese" or "more stowries pweese" at night as soon as I get him into his bedroom.

I will probably pack my bag at about 37 weeks...I'll keep some stuff out that I wear alot (I don't have too many maternity shirts, and a few super comfy pants) but I can just toss them and go if need be. I'll pack the stuff that I don't use all the time--nursing bras, granny panties, baby's outfits, etc. at 37 weeks. The rest will be tossed in the night before my c/s.

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I'll probably pack my bag around 38 weeks, just because all three of my other babies have come in the 39th week, so that should be enough time for me. I really don't take that much stuff, and if I forget something DH can always run home after baby is born for me. No, I don't get any big brother/sister gifts... their gift is a new baby lol...

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Oh I just started thinking about this tonight. I bought a nursing bra and a bathrobe online and when those arrive I'm going to start gathering the camera bits and such into the same area. I figure I'll just keep stuff either nearby a bag and/or on a list of stuff for me/someone to grab and bring to the hospital. I would like to get the car seats cleaned next week and then maybe start figuring out how to install the bases. Oh, that's going to require that I actually get my car cleaned. Not being able to do any of this myself, it's going to take a couple of weeks.

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I really, really need to pack that bag! I've still got a few more things to buy for it - hopefully it will all be 100% done this weekend?

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Everything to go into bag is ready, I will prob pack it once I have finished uni so around 38 weeks or so.

I don't think we will be getting anything for DS as I know my mum has bought both DS and LO stuffed toys (a blue monkey, and pink rabbit).

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I have most of my bag packed, a small bag with some clothes for little man for pics. I just have to pack a few things for DH and I am done. I hope to have it done this weekend and put into my car in case I go to labor if I am at work.

Ds is getting a Worlds Best Big Bro frame with his pic in it, a new Transformer and some coloring stuff. We will probably put some surprise snacks in there too.

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I'll probably pack a few things around 38 weeks but really I doubt labor will come on so fast I can't pack while I labor at home

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My bag is already packed Smile just have to grab my daily meds... I even packed for dh cause I know that he will be coming from work.