U/s today

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U/s today

So I had my u/s tody. This doctor is so much more evasive than my last dr. When we said we didn't want to know the gender, she completely stayed away from those angles where we would have been able to see the "works".

Everything seems healthy. She asked me if I had been taking my vitamins, I of course said yes, occassionally (I hope once a month qualifies as occassionally). Now I am all paranoid that I need to take them.

She said the baby is very high, head down, posterior placenta, very cooperative, everything looks completely normal.

But we are joining a team! Team Vampire!! Check out my picture, this baby appears to have fangs! Coincidentally right as she took this picture and the inside baby opened its mouth, my outside baby said "YA!" exactly as if the inside baby had said it, the mouth opened and closed. (I hope that makes sense?)

Here is a normal profile:

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Cute photos! That is funny about your LO's "fangs" - congrats on team vampire!

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Wow, incredibly clear pics. Congrats on a good U/S.

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Awsome U/S!

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good pics! glad all went well Smile

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I'm glad everything is well and baby is healthy. Even though is she/he is a vampire i'm sure you will love them just as much Wink

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Lol good team! I've always been Team Edward, not Team Jacob! Cute baby in there!

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How cute!!

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Congrats on the healthy baby. Crazy picture! I agree...I am so team Edward Smile