uh oh!!

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uh oh!!

The past few days has been a whirlwind of milestones. He has been scooting for a bit and trying to crawl on all fours, but he just started to go from ine room to the next! He is not happy with this mode of transportation though and cries the whole time until his destination is reached.

He also no longer likes to be sat down, he prefers instead to lock his knees.

Just over the weekend, he pulled himself up! This had led to the beginning of cruising! He just went from one end of the couch (Lshaped) the the other. When he got to the end, he tried to take a step without holding onto anything to get to the chairs/table!

ummm hello where did my new born go?? I want the non mobile baby back.

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OMG! That's crazy scary! In a good way Wink ! I can't believe he is mobile! We aren't any where near being mobile! Now the fun begins! Put on those running shoes because you will be chasing that baby all day! Lol

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Um, holy crap!!!!! I couldn't imagine that so soon! I guess I better get ready, Trinity will be 6 months this month, and Jack was crawling at 8.5 months. Good thing I keep the floors clean. She loves to bear weight on her feet too.

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Aaaaah!! omg I feel for you... I am so not ready for that!

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OMG! I know what you mean though... I don't want T to start moving around on his own! Once they do that you can't just sit and hold them anymore! I love spoiling my little man and just holding him all day long lol!