Ultrasound today

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Ultrasound today

Well it looks like we're having another girl. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed; I was SO SURE it was a boy, I bought sooo many boy things. Oh well, I just need to get used to the thought. Having two girls will be fun. We were just hoping this could be our last... This means we'll have to try again (but not for several years down the road next time..) and hope for a boy next time. We draw the line at three for sure!!

I'm excited though, two little girls to be best friends and do everything together. They'll be 25 months apart so I think they'll get along great once they're at the right age.

Now hubby and I get to argue about girl names again... Beee

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Congratulations! She is so cute. If you want I will trade you one of my boys, lol.

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Awww so sweet! What a nice clear ultrasound pic. Congrats to you guys on little sis Smile

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Congratulations on a girl! I thought the same thing if I had had a girl last time. It would be so cool, because they would be close in age to be best friends and be able to share everything. Mine were also 25 mo apart, but I had a boy. So far they are still bffs. But don't like to share much. Lol

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My second child was a baby girl and after just having a girl, I too was a little disappointed at first. My sister who had two boys informed me that I just wasn't the type of woman who was ment to have boys. I was convinced that we'd just have girls after that.

My second daughter is amazing and I can't imagine life or the world without her! I also couldn't have imagined her being a boy either and am so grateful she wasn't a boy now. Her and her sister are so amazingly close it is such a blessing. Not only is she crazy beautiful (worries my husband a lot) but she's very gifted and giving. She amazes me all the time.

I did go on to have a son next and it turns out, he's such a "James Bondish" little boy..that it takes two older sensible sisters to talk him out of his crazy ideas. He's very close to them both and they are like the three musketeers. He calls them, "his girls", and they are all very funny together. Wouldn't change a thing Smile

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Congrats on the little girl. What an adorable ultra sound picture! My sis and I are right about 25 months apart, and even in our 20s and living a state apart we are really good friends.

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Awww congrats to you! Girls are the absolute best... and it will be great for your daughter to have a sister!

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Aw, that's really great! Congratulations!

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I am glad that it all went well...congrats on the girl. My sister and I are 11 months apart and we are very close.

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Congrats on your girl! I'm jealous of your u/s pic. My child wouldn't be still for us to get a clear shot. His are all fuzzy!

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Congratulations! I had two little boys in a row. They are great friends and now I can't imagine it any other way. We tried for number three and got three & four, lol!

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Thanks everyone! Glad to hear so many people have good experiences with their sisters and having two girls.

We actually got 25 ultrasound pictures and they are all really nice and clear; We also got a couple of 3-D shots. Unfortunatly there are a few of them I'm not too sure what the picture is of lol. The ultrasound tech was surprised at how muscular she is; She's got really muscular arms and she flexes them. She also likes to keep one hand on her face, and the other around the placenta. She sure looks like my current daughter, but I hope that changes because my daughter looks so much like her dad and I'm really hoping this next one will look more like me, so we can have one of each lol. I want them to look like sisters but I also wan them to look very individual. I am definatly getting used to the idea of two girls. It will be cute to dress them in matching outfits on special occasions, and they can even have double birthdays because they will only be born a month apart. It'll be fun. Smile