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I haven't posted in ages so I thought I would Smile These days are up and down physically, some days I have tons of energy and then other days, I can barely function! It seems to go in the same pattern though and I'm wondering if it's linked to any growth spurts? I'm finding myself hormonal at times and I find it best to simply not trust my emotions right now as they are overly sensitive or impatient. Nausea has returned also at times, I don't know why and braxton hicks have made their presence on an inconsistent basis. I STILL haven't had my anatomy ultrasound, I'm having it at 25 weeks!? It's on Aug 9th. I did some nesting and have most everything that I need for this little guy due to his big sister being only 11 months old. I did find out though we may be moving into a larger house end of September, therefore, I am not doing anymore nesting until I know for sure. That's about it here..How is everyone else?

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good to hear from you, Melanie!

sorry to hear about the nausea Sad

my midwife confirmed that our LOs will seem quieter to us some days because they are undergoing a growth spurt. It seems logical that these same growth spurts would take a toll on *us* but I don't know.

Just out of curiosity, are you still dealing with sciatica? I am... any tips?

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I just use a heating pad and slow things down when I feel it. What are you doing?

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sorry you have nausea again!!

I have been ok, I have had lots of ligament pain. Dr said I could use tylenol and a heating pad if I need too. But, I won't be using a heating pad with this 100 degree heat we are having!!! I am alot bigger than last time too with my son. I am wondering if this boy is going to be a alot bigger????!!!

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I bet you're right I bet we get tired when baby's on a growth spurt... I'm sure I get hungrier like the week I read baby's legs were growing longer I remember being totally famished all day long for the whole week, lol. I am sooo quick to get angry and find myself generally b*tchy and intolerant way too often, but I remember that well from DD too.
That sucks your nausea is back though! Hope you find out soon about the move. Just 3 weeks to your ultrasound - yay!

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Welcome back anyway! I know what you mean about being up and down! Some days I'm fine and then others I just want to stay in bed all day!

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Sorry about the fatigue and nausea!! Why are you doing your anatomy scan at 25 weeks? That is great you did some nesting and have alot done. If you move into a bigger house would it be near where you live now or are you moving towns?

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Just across town Smile