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Yesterday was a roller coaster!!! I am feeling better after putting on abelly band. It's holding everything firm and hopefully will help the ripped ligaments heal. Unfortunately for them to heal properly I'd have to stop expanding, so it'll be a problem for a while yet to come.

My nephew came into the world by csection last night after eighteen hours of labour. He is tiny, 4 pounds, but is doing exceptionnally well and is not expected to have any long term problems. They are in shock and aren't ready. No diapers, clothes that tiny or car seat. They were supposed to go shopping this weekend. This just solidifies my thoughts that the basics should be bought by 32 weeks! Extras can wait but your baby needs The basics.

I will very carefully and slowly pack my bags for Disney. The dr gave me the ok, and although it's going to be physically tough I'm not going to let anything ruin my happy vacation! So I'll be back in two weeks!

Hope no one has any drama while I'm gone and you are all prohibited from going I to labour for another couple of months!!!

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I'm glad you're feeling a little better! I'm also glad that your little nephew is doing OK. I know how scary it is when baby comes even a little bit early. I hope you have a wonderful time at Disneyworld!! Drink lots of water!

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Congratulations on your nephew, I'm glad he is doing okay. What a rough jump into the world for him and the parents. Is this their first baby?

Hope you have a good, although tame and restful trip to Disney!