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Hi everyone! yes, I disappeared again. Two kids keep me busy! I am online mostly on my phone when I am nursing...and its hard to deal with these forums when on a little phone.

We are doing great. Trinity is just over 3 months now, close to 3 1/2 months. She's smiling, yelling, making "b" sounds, slobbering all over, giggling, rolling from back to side and almost to belly. She hates tummy time. But she sleeps through the night and this is the third night I haven't had to swaddle her.

Jackie is awesome too. We've once again broken the binky habit except when he's in the crib. He's been handling it really well and I think he was ready this time. Thank God. I hated seeing that darn thing in his mouth. He's so verbal now--talking so much more clearly and using sentences, and forming fairly complex strings of them. He said, the other day as he pulled me to play on his car mat : "come sit on mat, I love playing. I love playing with cars. I love playing cars with mommy". He's getting a little jealous here and there of Trinity but overall he's awesome to her.

Hubby is in Arizona for a wedding this weekend. I am up way too late, trying to update my phone and get it to work with the laptop hubby gave me. He comes home late monday night and has an interview for a promotion at work on Tuesday. I'd love to see him get it because he would be in a position where he could really make positive changes for his company's future and influence how they grow. Right now they're at about 150 people.

We are headed on our first long trip with the kids in two weekends. My sweet Aunt Helen passed away about a week and a half ago, following a fall in her assisted living facility that resulted in a broken hip. She was 85. Her funeral is 3/17 near Providence, RI. God I hope Trinity can deal with the car ride. She's AWFUL in the car. But my sister will be sitting in the back with the kids and hopefully she can help keep her happy. I can't deal with 4.5 hours of fussing. But, I have to go and have to bring her.

I am so looking forward to the nicer weather. We haven't had a bad winter, but its just been annoying. I want spring to be here NOW!! Okay, my phone is done updating, I need to head to bed!!! Good night all!

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Thanks for updating us...Glad everyone is doing well.

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It's good to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your Aunt, but I'm so glad to hear that everything else is going well for you! Good luck with Trinity in the car!