Update!! Carver is home from the NICU!!

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Update!! Carver is home from the NICU!!

Hey! Ive been a little busy... lol!

So Carver was born Sept 26th at 6lbs 5oz. We were transfered to a higher NICU hospital where he stayed for 10 days. As soon as he was stable, he was transfered to a different hopsital nearer to us. He stayed there for 5 days coming home the day after Thanksgiving!! He is mostly bottle-fed (BM) and BF around 2-3x a day. He is very tired and sleeps 105% of the time, lol! Its been extremely hard to recoup/recover with the 4 kids. My mom finally came home last Sun and has been helping all week. It has made my life SO much easier. Im still getting ALOT of anxiety about the baby, trying one day at a time to get over it.

He is adorable!! Smile



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He's a beautiful baby! Congratulations on him getting to come home!

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He is so cute!!! I'm glad he is home now and hope that the anxiety settles down. How are your other children doing with another baby at home?

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what a cutie, congrats and I am glad you are all home now:)

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so cute! glad he is home!!

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OMG he's adorable I just wanna squeeze him! Glad you're all home now & that your Mom has come to help out. Hope that helps ease your anxiety too. What do his siblings think of him? Congratulations!!!!

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Welcome home baby Carver!!

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Oh he is so precious! Glad he got to come home and your mom is helping out. The anxiety is normal for post partum, just keep taking it one day at a time!

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I'm so happy for your family! Smooth sailing from here on!!

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Congrats again and welcome home baby Carver!!! He is so adorable! I am glad that your mom was able to come and help. I hope things calm down for you now. Take care and keep us updated on how you are all doing and baby pics...I love baby pics!!

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OH! How sweet! Congrats!