update on me (long)

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update on me (long)

hi ladies. ive been pretty quiet on this board the last few weeks...so i will fill u you in on everything thats been going on lately...
So I had my big US on 7/7 (thursday) and we found out we were having Two BOYS, then had my F/U with my OB and got the scary news. The boys were measuring like a weeks apart in size and there was some size discordance with their weights as well and were very worried about TTTS due to them sharing placenta unequally . So we were referred to a MFM who couldnt see me right away so they were going to send me elsewhere....got a call monday and was told theywere sending me to a specialist in seattle (4 hrs away) and saw the Wednesday....I was showing Mild signs of TTTS but I needed to get another U/S in a few days to look for changes in the amount of fluid in the bags. Baby A had 4.? and B had 9.7.. (if it was under 4 and over 10 they wanted me to do the laser surgery ASAP) Friday levels were the same (went to the local specialist) , and next U/S was yesterday (monday back to seatlle) everything was looking the same which was good, meaning no surgery..yet.... Have yet ANOTHER fluid level check locally on Friday and an OB appt. With another FU with the Seattle specialist on Tuesday! so many appts im lost! so pretty much we are having 2x weekly u/s making sure fluid levels stay the same because is BABY A gets less and B gets more they will do the laser surgery to try to help the situation... The specialist in seattle ( the only place within a 12 hr drive that does the surgery) recommend I take a baby asprin daily to help with blood flow and increase my protein to 175 GRAMS!!!!! i feeel like that is totally impossible! I have been trying to get there but it is not easy and I think I will huge eating/drinking so much! we were kinda freaked out about the whole thing at first but have gotten less worried after seeing the AMAZING people in seattle.. we are in good hands if I need the surgery.....sorry for the long rant and hope it makes sense (let me know if it doesnt)

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Hi, I'm so sorry for what your going through! I'm so glad your in good hands and I'll be praying for you. My friend had TTTS with her twin boys and what I can say is, she wishes she wouldn't have waited for the surgery. Being proactive and informed can make all the difference in this type of problem. *HUGS* Please keep us updated as you are on my heart..


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I know what you mean about the surgery though...I would prefer to get it now while I still can, since they stop doing it after about 27ish weeks! and just deliver early.. I would prefer to have the surgery and bake these boys longer rather than the TTTS flare up when I can no longer have the surgery and have no choice than to deliver early....So hopefully everything stays the same or flares up soon if its going to! since right now I am technically stage 0 out of stages 1-5. and they wont do anything until something changes......

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Oh my goodness, that is a scary diagnosis! I won't say anything more on that, but I am glad you're in good hands and it seems that the specialists and doctors are on top of things. Smile and eep! 175 grams of protein a day???? that's alot!!! If you get it out there, try Chobani greek yogurt-it has about 13 or so grams in a container. Its the best stuff out there! (and made 40 minutes from my house!)

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I hope it stays under control! I drink protein shakes to try to get enough protein a day. Aria (?) makes a pretty good chocolate shake mix. It's 14 grams a serving, plus milk could easily up one shake to 30+ grams. (I'm having twins, too, and finding eating enough protein a challenge at times.)

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I am so happy that you are in good hands! I have a friend who had the surgery...she was quite scared but it went very well for them. Please keep us posted on how you are all doing. Sending you lots of wishes and prayers!! That is alot of protein..good job trying to get it all in.

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Thanks ladies!! I am really hoping to bake these boys as long as possible so hoping that everything works out in our favor and the ttts stays as is or we are able to get the surgery before its too late.....I really an terrified of.having a my boys earlier than 36 weeks...I am hopeful going to start walking in the evenings to counteract some of the extra calories from the protein....I have.been drinking some whey protein shakes witg frozen fruit into a smoothie which tastes good!! I have my appts friday so will update if anything new

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Very sorry you are going through this Mari. Hope those boys stay put for a long time! GL.

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Oh my! I hope that the TTTS doesn't get worse. You will be in my thoughts!!

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I hope all goes well. I am sure you are super tired and stressed about all the appts and travel are stressful as well. I will keep you in our prayers.

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That is scary news, but I'm glad to hear you are in good hands. Tedious to do all those appointments, but at least they are staying right on top of it and doing everything they need to do to help you and your boys! Thinking of you! KUP!

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So glad you have the professionals in your corner and are getting good information to help you through this. I confess to Wiki-ing TTTS to learn a bit about it so I`m not so ignorant. Glad you've got one yummy way of boosting protein figured out already, that does sound like a lot of protein in one day but might not be so intimidating broken down to good meals and yummy snacks. That does sound like a whirlwind of exams and all, but is fantastic you're getting all the right attention. You mention mild and zero on scale so I hope that means your case looks manageable and stays that way! I`m sure your being proactive on the protein and all will help. KUP on your exams and all

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I had to google TTTS to see what that was. I'm so very sorry that you're going through this. Please KUP and let us know how everything goes! Sending hugs your way!!