Update on us.

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Update on us.

Thanks Sandra for posting when Landon was born.
Labor was super easy and delivery went great as well.I am so very in love with my little man. We have had our share of issuses this past week.Landon had jaundice and we had to go have labs drawn everyday and we had to do phototherapy to get things under control. He wasnt nursing well due to the amount of pain I was in it was difficult to sit to nurse. Things have calmed now.He is off the phototherapy now and is eating good. I am starting to feel better as well.I had TONS of pain after he was born and I am still having more pain than I had with previous babys. They atarted my pit at like 7 am and things started happening right away.By 9 my contractions were 7 minutes apart and pretty strong. I was confinded to my bed for the most part since his heart rate was hovering at 117 most of the time and they wanted to keep a close eye on him. I was able to move around a little just was difficult with the monitor on. At 930 they broke my water and then my contractions were 5 minutes apart. I had to get an internal monitor at that point cause he was too hard to monitor otherwise. I got up and sat on the birthing ball at that point. At noon I all of a sudden was in agony.I wasnt able to move or anything. The nurse came in about 12:30 and checked me told me I was 8 cm and baby was right there.I got back in bed and once I laid down that is when I got the pressure. The nurse came in and sat on the end of my bed coaching me not to push it wasnt time yet. Finally I couldnt hold it any longer and she called for the dr. He in turn was stuck in traffic so there I sat baby ready and they wouldnt let me push. when my dr finally came in at 2:15 I pushed through 3 contractions and there he was! Apgars were 8 and 9! I have had alot of pelvis pain I am assuming from his head pushing there for so long without me being allowed to push him out and the afterpains have been horrible this time. e is an angel.He never cries or fusses unless it is time to eat. The kids all love him and are driving me insane wanting to hold him or kiss on him. Just trying to get back to normal around here.

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Oh Amber he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a wonderful birth story, and congrats to you and your family!

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Wow ur amazing to birth with no drugs...he's beautiful....congrats...

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LOVE those cheeks! Congrats!!

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He is adorable!
My Dr told me that after pains are worse in subsequent pregnancies, also for me, I had very bad pelvic/suture pain especially when standing or walking that has only abated yesterday.

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Great to see an update! The kids look so happy with their little brother!

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Amber he's gorgeous! Glad his birth went so well and that the jaundice and major pains are over. Everyone looks very happy with little Landon, congratulations!