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Update...very long

First sorry I have not been around. I did just try to get to most of the posts I missed. My mom had knee replacement surgery last week so I am taking care of her. DS has not had a great week and I have not had my usual help with him. I feel I am feeding, taking care of and doing therapy on my son....and then turning around and pretty much doing the same with my mom Smile She is being great though but it is alot of work. Then we have family visiting her so I am cooking and cleaning more. And every day this week has been appt for me, DS or my mom. Friday Jacob has dental surgery, Sat my mom is going home with my dad and DH is going to take the trailor out to the lake. I have respite coming on Sat and Sun for DS so I get some much needed rest and just get to be on my own.

First my Internal Medicine Specialist callled me two nights ago. She said she was sorry there was a mishap with my message and that is why it took her days to call me back. Basically she referred me to the Perinatologist....they booked my ultrasound. It was marked urgent because of my history. Just no one called me until they were reminding me. She confirmed that all looks great.

Then I saw my OB Thurs afternoon. Baby is great..I am measuring great...heartrate was in the 160. She too said she was sorry that there was such confusion...she really had no idea what was going on as no one told her either. She too confirmed thall all ultrasounds and test looked good except for the Gestational Diabetes. I failed the one hour not the two hour. Not by much but enough to consider me to have GD and I am going to a diabetes clinic next week for 4 hours. She was not to concerned about it though. She said follow the diet they give me and they will do further testing. My doc is very happy with my blood pressure. Over all she said I was going good....real good. Which is great...by now in my last PG I was having problems. I did not gain weight...still up about 6 pounds in total. I also talked to her about tying my tubes when she does my c-section. It does not increase healing time and only takes minutes so I will probably be doing that.

So it is a little over whelming now. I see my OB every 2 weeks...Internal Medicine Specialist every 3 weeks.....Perinatologist every month and now the diabetes clinic. Not sure how often I see the. I am glad to have a great team but wow...it is alot of appts and tons of money in parking. And of course they are all within a block of each other but no one does appt on the same day so I can try to pair them up. I know everyone just wants me to go to term without any problems this time....good news is they all feel optimistic that I will. Hopefully all the communication will be better from here on out. If you are still reading - thanks for listening

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hugs! i kinda sorta know how you feel about going to the doctor all the time. sometimes you just want to have a "normal" pregnancy where you don't have to worry constantly. with my son, i was at the doctor about twice a week going in for scans, NSTs, etc etc because he was measuring on the small side. it was annoying and there was just no relaxation. i hope the appts go quickly so you're not wasting too much time at all these doctors!!!

sorry to hear about all the work you've been having to do. how exhausting...and you're pregnant. not a moment's peace, huh? hang in there. wish i was closer so i could help!!

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Wow Melanie that must have been a hard week. I am glad that everything checked out great with your baby, but all the added worry must have been bad.

I hope that next few weeks slow down a little, however you do have a lot of appointments to go to! I know parking in NYC is steep!
Thanks for filling us in, here is to a better month for you!

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Wow! What a relief! To be honest, we all should be eating the GD all the time. It's very healthy and just what all babies and mommies need (I type as I eat a sausage mcmufgin). Your team sounds great, and you have the e tea insurance of if o e misses something the others will pick up on it. As for the parking, just think of the money you're spending as pravtise for when you have to buy diapers!

How is work handling all this? I hope you aren't getting any slack gor having to go to all those appointments!

I'm here if you need me

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Glad all is well, try to take it easy.

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I'm so sorry that all this stuff is going on with you when I know all you want to do is lay down and take a big ol' nap!

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Wow Melanie. You sure do have a lot on your plate this week! Hope that you just kick back and relax this weekend!!!

And as other's have said, the added appts can be aggravating, but it is good to have so many people keeping an eye on you and LO.

Take care--get some rest: you deserve it!!:)

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oh Melanie - sorry for all the added scheduling items and responsibilities! I'm hoping you get a nap and maybe a pedicure!

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Glad you got some answers and lots of reassurance that everything is going well. Hopefully the communication doors are now open and there won't be those types of problems again. I hope the 4-hour is not too rough. That will be a lot of appointments I hope they can be staggered out a bit for you! Get some rest

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Thanks for the support guys!! I am doing much better today. I got some much needed rest and plan to go to bed early tonight and get some more. And I even got a 1 hour bath with a romance novel...whoo hoo! As for the appts and docs I truly am lucky to have a great team making sure me and this little one make it full term and healthy....I am just hoping someway to organize things a little better. I don't remember who asked me how work was handling it but I am a SAHM and am able to get some great respite for my son so so far I have been able to make it to everything with some juggling.