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Has anyone heard from her? I remember her mentioning moving somewhere without internet, and at the time she was still waiting on Amnio results.

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Unfortunately not. I hope all is well with her move and LO!

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haha, I was just checking back in and it was funny to see my "name", we finally moved to ouur new place 3 weeks ago, but just yesterday got internet:wink:
Thanks for asking, my amnio results were fine and everything looks normal. Will have to read the latest posts and see how everyone is feeling, have been having some painful falase labor contractions last night, so I think I am over doing things, unpacking and our house has 4 levels-yikes!

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Wow, 4 levels, that's a lot of up and down unpacking! Glad to see you back here with internet access!

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Welcome back!!

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Welcome back...glad to see everything is OK. Make sure to find the time to rest.