We are having....

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We are having....

....another boy! Heartbeat was 154 bpm and baby was obviously a boy!

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Congrats to you! Were you wanting another boy, or did it not matter to you??

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we just wanted healthy, but already having all boy things makes it a bit easier Smile

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Congratulations! We have 3 boys on our board so far! Do you have pics? A name?

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Congratulations, I'm so thrilled for you. Glad baby had such a strong, healthy heartbeat! Names???

And I'm still hoping to add the 4th boy in a row to the list on Tuesday -- *fingers crossed*

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Congrats on your son!!!

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Congrats on your healthy boy:wootjump:

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Congratulations on a boy!

I can't wait to find out at our scan Smile

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Congrats on a baby boy!!! Wow - team blue is dominating...wonder when team pink will make a showing! So happy all went well.

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Congratulations Robin that's awesome congrats on healthy boy!

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Congradulations on your baby boy1 :party:

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Thanks guys! I have pics just need to upload them! Smile We have been busy this weekend getting DS new room ready. THis LO made it obvious he was a boy very quickly!! Just like big brother LOL As far as names, we like the name Landon. NO other ideas yet!

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Congratulations on Baby Boy!!!

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