We are joining team......

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We are joining team......

So we went for our ultrasound today. I was surprised at how calm I was. The tech was really not that friendly and as soon as I laid down she told me that she would do the pics, talk to a doc then get my husband and then we could see. Then she did not say a word. That got me nervous....in my past when they are quiet it is a problem. She asked in a bit if I was OK because I was moving - my back hurt. I said yep but just nervous as she is not saying anything. She felt bad for making me nervous but said she can not multi task and do her job but not to worry it all looked great - whoo hoo!!! But they she said baby was not moving alot so she could not get some pics they needed...including the gender. She had me get up and move, pee and I even jumped up and down to get baby to wake up and move around. They did get all the important pics and they were happy with them but could not get the gender. I thought that the reason baby would not move its legs was because of our dilemma for sharing...this took away the dilemma. I was OK with not finding out...I was just so thrilled everything looked good and measured well. I forgot to ask what baby was measuring but the h/b was 148. So they got Kris in and she was showing us both everything and bam - baby moved it legs and it is a ....................GIRL!!!!!!!! I am beyond happy. I would have been very happy with either but I really wanted a girl as this is our last baby. Kris and I were thrilled...I just cried. We are one step closer!!! Her is the pic of the ultrasound and then me at 18 weeks.

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Congratulations Melanie! So happy for you.

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I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you got the answer and I feel so lucky you shared with us!

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Congratulations on a girl!

Absolutely beautiful u/s and belly photo Smile

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What wonderful news and you look fantastic! Yay for a good apt!

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Oh that's so wonderful! I am so happy you guys have a healthy baby, and a little girl at that!!! yay!!

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Yippee! Yahoo

Go Team Pink!

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Fabulous!! Congratulations Melanie this is fantastic news!

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Yay for the first girl!!

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You are so cute! Congradulations on your little girl! So glad everything is going well. Go Team Pink!! Smile

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I am so happy for you Melanie!! The baby is healthy and you will get your girl!!!! Congratulations on your daughter!!!

BTW: my tech is also the kind that doesn't let you see anything until she is done measuring....I think it's torture.

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YAY for a girl!!!!! My doc told me to drink caffene or eat chocolate an hour before the 'big u/s' to get the baby to move!

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Congrats Melanie, girls are the absolute best! So happy you're getting what you want!

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she's already being stubborn! lol! waiting til the last minute to show you the goods Smile

congrats on a great appointment and great news!!

oh..and you look SO good!! Smile beautiful mama.

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yay!! congrats!
you look great Smile

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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys 7
Girls 2

I think this is right!?

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Congrats, I too am team pink....

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