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Wednesday the baby's furniture will be here. Well, her crib, and our new dressers (which will be her's once we move into a new house). We decided to pay for delivery and set up because dh has no patience when it comes to putting together furniture and he knew I would freak out if this beautiful stuff got dinged or scratched. Smart man.

We also rearranged our bedroom to accommodate all that furniture, and we are having dh's brother come over tomorrow evening to help him move our old ratty dressers out of the room/house. What stinks is I've now got the task of emptying two dressers (one doesn't have much in it because its 200 years old and needs to be rebuilt) and the other is full of dh's clothes. I already have all my clothes from my armoire (I can't spell!!) piled up. The only person in our house who has clothes in dressers at this time is my son! haha! I'll probably pile everything neatly on the floor tomorrow, and then I'll move it to our bed on Wednesday before the delivery people get there.

Poor ds, he's been so miserable the last few days, he knows changes are happening soon, and doesn't know how to deal with it. He looked in our room yesterday after we moved our armoire and our bed and shook his head and cried " room". He's been fussy all day today too. Sad

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Well, congrats on the new furniture even though it's causing you to do more work! I'm sorry about your DS, he'll be OK though. Have you read any books to him about the new baby?

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That's great your new furniture is on it's way & you're getting all organized. Awww your little DS, so sweet, I just wanna give him a squeeze.

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How exciting the furniture is coming soon!! You will have to post pics when it is all done. It will be alot of work to get it all ready but so worth it. I hope DS adjusts well.