Week 31 OB check, Pre E?

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Week 31 OB check, Pre E?

So I had my routine OB check today and my BP is doing good. LO heart beat is great he has plenty of movement. I'm having increased pelvic pressure and pain. Some contractions not regular at all. Then my OB tells me that the protein in my urine is high (level 3 out of 0 to 4) So she wants me to come back next week if it doesn't get better she is going to addmitt me if its worse she will induce me Sad so i'm hoping it goes way down... I cant wait for LO to be here but its too early Sad I really want him to be healthy. I DONT LIKE PRE E!!!!! It's just way to early i'm totally bumbed out.:sad11:

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That sucks!! I hope your levels drop! I had extremely high BP for three days and it has gone back to normal. I'm sure your protein levels will drop too

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I'm so sorry! Is there anything you can do about it? Change in diet?

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UGH! I'm sorry - I hope your protein is better next week!

But I'm so happy your little guy is healthy & your BP is better Biggrin

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I'm so sorry!! Please keep us updated and we hope next week is better!

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Gah! Not fun, and no good!

Take it easy and KUP!

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Ugh! Sorry to hear that news. Hope you get better news next week...is there anything you can do?

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I am sorry you are bummed!!! I really hope the protein goes down by your next appt so you can keep cooking your little one.

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Thanks ladies. at this point there isnt anything I can do that i'm not already doing ie low sodium diet, bed rest, asprin. now its just a waiting game Sad