Week 32 check up :)

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Week 32 check up :)

I had my 32 week check up yesterday. My protien levels went back down Smile !!!! and my BP is great. LO is very active and strong. Cervix is closed tight and LO has dropped down a little but not all the way. NO Pre E !!!!! however DR did put me on Mat leave, she thinks that im too stressed out at work and home so I just have to rest. She wants my to keep track of my BH and my "real contractions". I go back in 2 weeks and in 3 weeks have my next U/S Smile I was hoping to see him again... I'm feeling good and feel like I have more time to get ready for LO. Due date is still mid Oct Smile and I'm having my luau baby shower this Sat. cant wait!

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Glad you had such a great appointment! Smile

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HOORAY for a good appointment and DOUBLE HOORAY for no Pre E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome! I'm glad your protein levels are down!

A luau baby shower sounds really fun. I'd love to see pics!

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I am so happy no PreE!!! And you are off work so you get to rest..that is great. I want to see pics of the shower as well.

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Congrats on a fabulous appt! Especially no Pre-E!!!!! Out of work sounds much needed. Have a great time at your shower this weekend!!!

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Congrats on a great appt... and jealous that you're on maternity leave!!