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Weekend Plans

What's up for you ladies?

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Tonight I'm hoping to get the house tidied up a bit. I feel like I will never get it cleaned before baby comes.

Tomorrow we'll head to our church for a Halloween party for the kids. They'll go "trunk or treating" in the parking lot, which is good since Monday is really busy for us, and we won't get to take them out then. So tomorrow morning we'll get all costumed up and have a little Halloween fun!

In the evening DH is busy, so the kids and I will go to MIL's and carve pumpkins together. We have a big pumpkin waiting on our counter that my mom grew in her garden - DD picked it out herself last month and she can't wait to cut it open!

Sunday is church as usual.

On Monday it'll be just a regular day - the kids have swimming lessons right after supper, and after swimming is done I go straight to choir rehearsal. They'll spend the evening with DH at home handing out candy.

Anybody dressing up? I'm not one to go all out with costumes, so I likely won't. The last time I was pregnant at Halloween (2008 ) I had a party to attend so I went as "a cliche" and wore a muumuu and carried a mixing bowl and wooden spoon (barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen). Some of the choir are dressing up for rehearsal so maybe I will join them and whip out the muu muu again!

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Finally getting a chance to relax after a rather stressful week. I am so glad that university is over for the year, and I don't have to worry about exams, essays, reports etc anymore!

I spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning floors while DS napped in the afternoon. Went to the park and library in the morning. Have been grocery shopping this morning and have topped up the cupboards for the week just in case baby decides to come.

Heaps of BH last night, I almost thought I was in labour! Just decided to sleep it off instead.

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Tomorrow I have a dog event in conjunction with the local PBS affiliate. They are having a Martha Speaks event and invited a couple local rescue groups to set up. There will be crafts for the kids etc so Evan and DH will come along. Then Sunday friends invited us over if we want to bring Evan all dressed up - they have a 16 month old. We'll see if we feel like it

Monday Evan has a parade at daycare. Aww

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I'm spending the weekend snuggling with my precious new son. We've rented some movies too. The 3 of us are just spending a lot of time together at home. Matt is very encouraging with breastfeeding so we'll continue to work on pumping and different positions. Monday we have our first appt with the pediatrician.

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Hanging out at home tomorrow Smile at night well go to the Halloween event at the aquarium. Sunday a few friends are coming over in the am and my husbands family at night. Monday there's a party at daycare and well go trick or treating at night. Melodie will be a princess in the day and a puppy at night. The new baby will be a chicken just like her sister was Smile

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"Freesia34" wrote:

Hanging out at home tomorrow Smile at night well go to the Halloween event at the aquarium. Sunday a few friends are coming over in the am and my husbands family at night. Monday there's a party at daycare and well go trick or treating at night. Melodie will be a princess in the day and a puppy at night. The new baby will be a chicken just like her sister was Smile

Geez, you're doing more than me this weekend and you just had a baby Wink

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I work tomorrow, but I'm taking Sunday off because it's my baby shower day! I can't wait to see friends I haven't seen for a long time, have some good food, and just have fun! It's Halloween themed, so it should be a good time had!!

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Taking it as it comes Smile

SO is off today, so we went to the library and the apothecary for some induction tea (black cohosh, blue cohosh, squawroot, lemongrass & nettles). The tea better be effective, because it tastes terrible! :puke2:

We found a bounty of locally grown apples on the way home for .59 cents a pound. We got 10 pounds, and I just put two pies in the oven! mmm.

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Currently it is 7:20am, the kids are still sleeping (hurray!), and I am sipping on a cup of coffee enjoying the peace and quiet! Dh left about 1/2hr ago to work on the new house. Today he is re-shingling the roof, and some family/friends are helping with that, and also installing new ceiling tiles in the dining/sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Once the kids are up and we are ready to go, we have to pick dh up a tool at some store, and then take all the guys some lunch and coffee. Considering I'm on moderate bed rest, I should probably ship the kids off somewhere and put my feet up and relax, but *sigh*, no can do! We move in just a week!
Tomorrow we have church-a day of rest!

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not sure if anyone has seen the news but nyc is supposed to get snow today/tonight! it's not even halloween yet! so, i'm probably just going to hang here at home.

i came down with a cold yesterday and feel like absolute poo. wah! this weather is totally the culprit i'm sure of it! DH is taking thomas to soccer today (it's been moved to an indoor place) and at noon we have someone coming to look at the house. we are still aggressively trying to sell this place but now that it gets closer to thanksgiving and christmas i feel like we won't get alot of bites. oh well.

i really want to just lay in bed all weekend but that's not happening with a toddler and a husband who always seems to make me feel a little bad about doing it. grr!

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We have NOTHING planned!!!!! Finally. This is the first weekend since, oh, sometime in August, I think, that we've had nothing planned.

I am taking a break from doing dishes and cleaning right now to finish up my coffee, Jack is playing in the playroom, big Jack is in the shower, and the dog is curled up on his bed.

We are going to get the baby carseat and bases out of storage, I am washing all the covers and stuff from the swing, bouncer and carseat, finish putting away baby stuff, maybe bringing the bottles downstairs and figuring out where to put them....

I might also see if my sister in law can cut my hair. It needs it desparately. I also need it highlighted, but I will wait for a while to do that. It still looks natural the way it is (i.e.-no heavy roots showing), but its growing in a bit dark for my tastes.

That's really it. I am looking forward to a relaxing/boring weekend. Smile

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Hopefully buying a new car! Probably carving pumpkins, making some pumpkin pie also. Oh, and going to my friend's baby shower and hopefully mailing Anne's baby gift (sorry I didn't get it out sooner!)

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It's my birthday weekend! I'm gonna party like it's 1972!... I mean 1999! Wait... too much partying with DH got me pregnant in 1999...LOL!

DH and I are going on a short babymoon at a beachfront hotel for a night. Then spend birthday with my boys...cake and ice cream and whatever they have planned. I'm off work on Monday, so I will do a lot of nesting and getting Devin's nursery area prepared (finally!)

Looking forward to becoming 29... I mean 39 years old tomorrow! Smile

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Justine--yours is going out on Monday!! I missed the mail today-didn't have the energy to shop at all this week. And that's bad when I don't have the energy to do that!! Smile