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Weekend QOTD

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Who did you go with? How was it?

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I saw The Smurfs with my daughter at the drive in! Before that the last time I went to the drive in was The Empire Strikes Back for the original showing! It was a cute family film that we both njoyed.

Before that was the latest Harry Potter with two of my girlfriends. Needless to say it was fantastic!

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SO and I went and saw transformers 3 in 3D back in July. It was a good movie, but my eyes must have been straining to adjust because I ended up with a horrible headache.

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We saw the Hangover 2. Totally crass and exactly what I was expecting. :/ Fortunately, it was at a second run theater here in Portland, so we only paid 3 bucks each and SO got to drink beers.

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DH and I saw Don't Be Afraid of the Dark last Friday for his birthday. It was OK... I like Guillermo Del Toro (sp?... he's the writer and producer) as he also did Pan's Labrynth, so I was really looking forward to this movie, and it was kind of a dissapointment. The storyline was interesting, but the execution lacked a certain something. I really want to see Fright Night still though...

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The last one I saw was Cars 2 - I went with MIL, SIL and 4 year old DD, and 3 year old nephew. It was pretty good, not hysterical though. So I'm not counting that one since I didn't pick it myself Biggrin

Before that it was the latest Harry Potter back on opening night in July! I am a major HP freak, so it was pretty much the highlight of my summer. I went with my 2 younger sisters (17 and 14) to the midnight showing. We waited in line for hours to get good seats! Here's a look at how crazy excited I was....

Yes, I even dressed up!

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Sandra....I love it! I have never read or saw Harry Potter...I am thinking I should one day.

Last Thurs night DH and I went to the see the Change Up it was really funny! We both loved it. But my sweet LO kept a foot in my ribs so I was pretty uncomfortable.

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I saw bridesmaids Smile with my bff and maid of honor lol! it was funny and we had a good day.