Weekly check-in, 8/22

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Weekly check-in, 8/22

I took this from October... can't wait 'til Melanie is back!


How many weeks:

Baby's Name and Gender:

Weight gain:

Any complaints:

Anything happy to share:

Nursery status:

Favorite baby item you have:

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week:

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Name: Sandra

How many weeks: 28 on Wednesday

Baby's Name and Gender: It's a BOY. No name yet. I like Oliver, and DH likes Maverick :eek:, so we discussed Oliver Maverick, but then we realized his initials would be O.M.G. :eek::eek: LOL!

Weight gain: About 23-25 lbs.

Any complaints: Ribs and pubic bone sore as usual.

Anything happy to share: Allergies starting to clear up! Still bugging me a bit, but at least they are subsiding. Also, totally random, but makes me very happy: I have been making s'mores in the microwave Biggrin Who needs a campfire?? Not me!

Nursery status: Non-existent. Baby is sharing a room with DH and I. We'll set up the crib sometime in October.

Favorite baby item you have: Excited for the blanket I ordered to arrive!

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: I had a Dr's appt today, I have my Rhogam shot on Wednesday at the hospital for my B- blood type, and DD and I both have dentist appts on Friday. Throw in 2 playdates tomorrow and we've got a packed week!

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Name: Jasmine

How many weeks: 29 and 6 today, 30 (and 3/4 done!) tomorrow! Biggrin

Baby's Name and Gender: Boy and Laszlo.

Weight gain: Yes. 10 or 12 lbs? I'm definitely looking plumper in the face/legs/ankles/hands, too.

Any complaints: My "vacation" ends on Saturday - the month of September is going to be a month of TONS of home improvements, trips to Ikea and other not so fun things.

Anything happy to share: I'm vacationing at my family's home without SO - he'll be here on Thursday morning, so I FINALLY get to see him after a month apart!

Nursery status: Currently NOTHING is done. Does it count if I have a million lists made of things that need to be done?

Favorite baby item you have: A Hanna Anderrson gown that I wore as a baby!

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: Friday is my baby shower! SO and I will likely go sailing, too!

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How many weeks:28 today!

Baby's Name and Gender:Boy Landon William-Edward

Weight gain:Still down between 10-12 pounds

Any complaints:Lots of braxton hicks.Hips keep going numb ( but hurting lol) lots of pelvic pressure.

Anything happy to share:DBF and I are moving in together Sept 1.Hoping for a smooth transition adding 2 kids and 2 dogs 2 months before adding an infant lol.

Nursery status:Landon will be with us until probably mid Febuary when we switch all the kids rooms around.We will decide then what the nursery will look like.

Favorite baby item you have:A gown/outfit with blue stars.It has a matching hat and tshirt.

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week:packing YUCK

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How many weeks:25 weeks and 5 days

Baby's Name and Gender:Girl and Keira Rella B

Weight gain:maybe 5 to 10 pounds... haven't really been keeping track

Any complaints:As of late it feels like she is trying to push her foot out of my woo haa...lol

Anything happy to share: My son comes back on wednesday after being with his dad for about 13 days

Nursery status:She will share a room with us and sleep either in our bed or in the basinet

Favorite baby item you have: none really

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week:we are getting cable so I have to stay home for that tomorrow, then I might go to some stores to check out some double strollers. other then that not much

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Don't have any right now.

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Name: Nicole

How many weeks: 29 weeks

Baby's Name and Gender: Aubrey Melodie Anne R... Girl

Weight gain: 11kg, I'm feeling really fat at the moment, the seasons are changing and I have no clothes that fit!!

Any complaints: I'm feeling fat! Lol

Anything happy to share: It's starting to get warm again, had the ranchsliders open today to let all the sunshine in Biggrin

Nursery status: Finished, just have to wait for baby now

Favorite baby item you have: All of it!!

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: This week DS is at his nana's house til tomorrow, so i've been getting down and dirty and getting the house sparkling clean while I can! The volunteer group I am on is having a garage/babygear sale on Saturday so i'm looking forward to that and hopefully I can find a couple of bargains.

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Excuse the grubby marks on mirror! I should really clean that!!

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Name: Krystal

How many weeks: 25 weeks, 4 days

Baby's Name and Gender: boy, Trystan Magnus

Weight gain: 12 lbs

Any complaints: My sciatic is killing me! And I'm having the hardest time sleeping!

Anything happy to share: We're making a little progress on the baby's room!

Nursery status: As stated above, it's been a slow process. It's been DH's mancave, so we're having to take out all of the comics, graphic novels, toys, and posters to dispurse elsewhere (unfortunately, most of his crap is going in our room as we have nowhere else to put it all!). The next step will be painting!

Favorite baby item you have: His gowns that both my other sons wore... I love them so much!

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: Well, today is my Friday, so I have my monthly OB appt tomorrow morning, so I'm excitied about that! Then I'm off to the library to catch up on some reading, then to Home Depot to pick out colors for the nursery walls!

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Thanks for doing this Smile

Name: Melanie

How many weeks: 29w 2d

Baby's Name and Gender: Girl and name is a surprise

Weight gain: 6 or so pounds...will see tomorrow if the good Ukr food at the reunion help me gain some weight

Any complaints: m/s is around...really like I did not have enough of that until 20 weeks. Having quite a bit of pelvic and lower back pain but if I don't overdo it it is not to bad to deal with

Anything happy to share: had my u/s today...baby girl is looking great! Had an awesome time at my family reunion...everyone loved my belly

Nursery status: Nothing done...this will wait until DS is back in school in Sept

Favorite baby item you have: all of it...I love all the pink things

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: had my internal med specialist today and an appt with peri and a u/s, acupuncture on Wed, diabetic doc on Friday and my niece is coming tomorrow to stay with me until the weekend. I can't wait to spoil her and have fun with her - she is 10

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Name: Justine

How many weeks: 26

Baby's Name and Gender: girl, Sunniva Anne

Weight gain: about 25 lbs, ugh.

Any complaints: outgrowing all my maternity clothes

Anything happy to share: going to get my glucose test tomorrow? I'll be happy to get it over with anyway.

Nursery status: don't have one; baby will be sleeping in my room

Favorite baby item you have: http://www.carters.com/null/3-Piece-Microfleece-Hooded-Cardigan-Set/664454960701,default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-girl-easy-outfitting-cardigan-and-vest-sets

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: going to a bbq on Sunday. My ex who I haven't seen in 20 years will be there; I feel a bit nervous!

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How many weeks: 28 weeks 4 days

Baby's Name and Gender: boy, Landon Thomas

Weight gain: ~25lbs

Any complaints:hemorrhoids, leg pain, perineum pressure, insomnia

Anything happy to share: ultrasound went well yesterday, Landon's kidneys/ureters are about the same on one side and a little less dilated on the other. He is up to ~3 lbs. Another ultrasound in 4 weeks at my next appt.

Nursery status: pretty much done, just need to have Dh convert the toddler bed back to a crib

Favorite baby item you have: a little brother onsie.

Plans for the weekend and upcoming week: church, Ds has a b-day party and his 3 yr pics, and cleaning!!