Weekly Check In for April 18th

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Weekly Check In for April 18th

Let's see how we are all doing Smile


DH/SO Name:


How far along are you?

How are you feeling?

Something good?

Something bad?

What are your plans for Easter?

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Name: Melanie

DH/SO Name: Kris

EDD: Nov 5th

How far along are you? 11weeks and 2 days!!!

How are you feeling? Alot better then I was but still tired and pukey - luckily the actual :puke2: has lessened...not gone yet but I am hoping soon

Something good? I really feel like I am going to make it out of the first trimester!!!!!!! I will feel even better on Thurs when I have my ultrasound

Something bad? I puked so bad this morning before I ate that I hurt - nothing is worse then puking on an empty stomach

What are your plans for Easter? DH, DS and I will go to my parents house - about 2 1/2 hours away. My sister and family are there - I have three amazing nieces. We will spend the weekend going to church, doing easter eggs, blessing our baskets and eating and eating Smile We are Ukrainian and my mom is the traditional Baba that constantly cooks. Plus I plan to tell my oldest niece this weekend - she is 10. I will make a Big Brother T-shirt this week and DS can wear it. I am also making all the nieces and DS a T-shirt that says cousin #1, cousin #2 etc and I will make a onesie that says cousin #5 - I am so excited. I usually don't do stuff like this as I tell people early but I have been careful to keep it from my niece since I have had so many m/c.

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Name: Sandra

DH/SO Name: Chris

EDD: Nov. 16

How far along are you? I'll be 10 weeks this Wednesday!

How are you feeling? Good. Really my only symptom has been fatigue. REALLY BAD fatigue, but I'm not complaining.

Something good? My DS slept in until 10 am today!!!!!! (You may wonder why this is good. He is a BEAR about going to bed at night and I think it is time to give up his nap. It will be easier to keep him up today after his nice sleep in. Also....see the bad below.)

Something bad? DS sleeping in was also nice because our entire family was squished in to our double bed last night. DS and DD both came upstairs in the night and climbed in. DH and I were too tired to get rid of them. Eventually I went downstairs and slept in DD's bed around 4 am, but until then I got barely any sleep since I was squished up against the wall. My kids are bed hogs.

What are your plans for Easter? We will just do a small family thing (just us) on Sunday. Both my mom and MIL & FIL will be out of town that weekend so there won't be much of anyone left around here! We'll have an egg hunt in the morning and go to church as usual at 11:30 am. Perhaps I'll make a nice dinner for us too...haven't thought about it yet!

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Name: Melody

DH/SO Name: James

EDD: 11/20

How far along are you? 9 weeks

How are you feeling? Exhausted!

Something good? It's easter this week

Something bad? My little girl won't sleep

What are your plans for Easter? Easter egg hunts with family and the church, dinner at my mom's, making easter candy and eggs with children

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Let's see how we are all doing

Name: mari

DH/SO Name: Derek

EDD: 11/22

How far along are you? 9 week tomorrow

How are you feeling? Tired and nauseous

Something good? I am gettin better at taking my prenatals

Something bad? I'm down a few lbs

What are your plans for Easter? Just be with the fam!!


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Name: Anne

DH/SO Name: Jack

EDD: 11/28/11

How far along are you? 8 weeks

How are you feeling? okay. Having some food ick this week, tired, sore bbs.

Something good? I had a REALLY awesome time at a great funky craft show on Saturday and sold almost $500 of tie dyes! Really pumped for some other ones I hope to do over the summer and fall. Smile

Something bad? My nephew who had a stroke a couple weeks ago is hitting a rough patch in his recovery. He's not been feeling good and has been vomiting the last few days, and he is really not progressing at this point because of that. My SIL and BIL are getting pretty discouraged, as Hunter is only 8 1/2. I am hoping he gets over this bump and has a strong recovery.

What are your plans for Easter? Um, lots of them!! DH's family gets together on Saturday for a blessing of the baskets at church then a Polish food luncheon at my SIL's house. Then the kids do an Easter Egg hunt in the yard. Sunday its brunch at my sister's with her son, husband and our dad, then down to my MIL's house for lunch with DH's family.

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Let's see how we are all doing

Name: Jasmine

DH/SO Name: Warren

EDD: Nov 1st

How far along are you? 12 weeks, 0 days

How are you feeling? Actually, the sickest yet. I've got a strong aversion to almost all meat.

Something good? Two weeks from today I'll be out of the 1st trimester!

Something bad? My weight is actually down from PP weight though I haven't had a lot of morning sickness and I'm worried about consuming enough protein.

What are your plans for Easter? None...we're such heathens Smile

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Name: Nicole

DH/SO Name: Lloyd

EDD: 06/11/11

How far along are you? 11 weeks 2 days

How are you feeling? Each day is getting better, TMI really bad constipation

Something good? It's almost easter Smile

Something bad? I haven't been #2 in a few days, and I'm getting those horrid gas pains!

What are your plans for Easter? We are heading away to be with family.

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DH/SO Name:Jay

EDD:November 14 ( dr switched me back today lol)

How far along are you?10 weeks today

How are you feeling?Tired but other than that cant complain

Something good?Took the kids and DBF kids to the park today and they all had another great day together.

Something bad?DBF and I have hit a rough patch ( thoughts and prayers are appericated)

What are your plans for Easter?Kids will be with their dad and wont be home until close to bedtime so nothings special.We will do an egg hunt Monday since they dont have school.

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Name: Jen

DH/SO Name: Matt

EDD: 11/8/11

How far along are you? 11 weeks

How are you feeling? Not so good...I caught a cold. Super sore throat, fever, and coughing till I want to throw up.

Something good? We got to see our baby on 4/14 and HR was 160bpm! Our peanut is a very active, bouncy little thing.

Something bad? I'm not motivated to clean my house or do anything right now. I feel so run down.

What are your plans for Easter? Not sure yet. We are trying to figure out how to balance my parents and his parents so we can do both. Argh!

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Name: nancy

DH/SO Name: john


How far along are you?little over 8 weeks

How are you feeling? pretty good. was experiencing diarrhea for FOUR weeks and finally took some kaopectate (doc ok'd it) and it seems to be better. other than that i feel pretty ok. a little tired and every once in a while a little pukey but nothing too bad.

Something good? i have an appt today and hoping to get an u/s to see the little bean. i have to go in for a pap but i think if i pout enough he'll give me an u/s

Something bad? today is the last day with my OB Sad i'm really heartbroken about this. DH got a new job and the insurance isn't that great and this guy isn't in our plan. we just can't afford NYC docs out of pocket. he is the best though and literally wrote the book "preventing miscarriage" and i'm positive is the reason why i have my son. he is retiring from delivering in august anyway so it kind of works out and i'm going to go to a colleague of his whole is just a block away, still on park ave. still, it's going to be hard to tell him. i'm pretty sure i will cry.

What are your plans for Easter? we are going to my aunt's house in jersey. it's only about an hour away so that's easy. my dad is one of 10 kids (yep, very irish catholic, haha) and most of the family will be there. looking forward to it because usually we're with DH's crazy family for easter and i'm happy to not have to deal with that stress. if all goes well at today's appointment i think we'll tell everyone about the baby too. i'll be 9 weeks which is a little early but not too bad i don't think. plus they will all notice that i'm not drinking.

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How far along are you? 10 weeks 4 days

How are you feeling? tired, sore bbs and nausea are subsiding

Something good? DS got 2nd set of ear tubes yesterday and is doing well. He has had so many issues with ear infections.

Something bad? busy at work

What are your plans for Easter? easter vigil saturday night and lunch on Sunday.

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DH/SO Name:Jacques

EDD:11/25 or so not sure yet

How far along are you? 8 wks

How are you feeling? good but very gassy ROFL

Something good? feeling good... go pee a lot can't sleep ....

Something bad?

What are your plans for Easter?friends and kids are coming over for Egg Hunt... I never did it before I am not a RELIGIOUS person at all..... but it should be fun for the kids !! Non of my friends coming are religious either so we just do it for the kids to play...

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Name: Katie

DH/SO Name: Steve

EDD: 11/24

How far along are you? 8 wks

How are you feeling? Sick from a cold ugh I think I may have to suck it up and visit the doc

Something good? DS Evan is finally healthy he's been fighting an ear infection/upper resp thing

Something bad? I seem to have the upper resp he got rid of my nose is so stuffed I can't breath at all

What are your plans for Easter? Not much we aren't religious so we'll just do dinner at my cousin's with my fam

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Name: Stacey

DH/SO Name: JR

EDD: Nov 20th

How far along are you? 9 weeks 3 days

How are you feeling? Other than feeling like I'm dragging, pretty good

Something good? DH and I had a really nice mini-vacay this weekend

Something bad? We had to come back to work

What are your plans for Easter? We are Jewish, so unless DH's best friend's mom makes us come over.. we are gonna just hang.

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Name: Justine

DH/SO Name: John

EDD: Nov. 25

How far along are you? 9 weeks today!

How are you feeling? Not so nauseous today, just tired

Something good? My brother-in-law is coming over this afternoon to watch the kids so I can get a break

Something bad? DS is entering the terrible twos full force and has been throwing tantrums all day for the last few days

What are your plans for Easter? No definite plans, probably will go to church in the morning. Maybe I can get DH to cook me a nice dinner. Smile