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weight gain

Last preg I gained 42 lbs...my pre preg weight was 115. This time my pre preg weight was ~120 and I was not in good shape like I was back then LOL I am up probably 7ish already at last appt (no scale at home) I am 15 weeks tomorrow. And this morning I had to pull out the big pants...my secret belly ones from Motherhood Maternity. I know they will not make it to November! Any one else bigger this time??????

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I started out a couple pounds heavier than last time...but have lost 5# since right before getting pregnant. I have *plenty* of extra, unfortunately, being about 35 lbs heavier than I wanted to be when I got pg the second time.

Last time I gained 6 lbs by 15 weeks, and a total of 30 overall. I am hoping to keep everything under 20lbs this time.

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At 10 weeks I had gained like 5 pounds - but lately everything has been tight feeling so I think my doc apt next Fri may be a shock. I've been STARVINGGGGGGGGG over the last week. I try not to stress too much I'd like to gain 25-30 (vs the ohhh 60 I gained last time) but I had no problem losing all the weight in just a few months last time so I figure my body will do what my body will do.

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I havent had much problem with weight gain in previous pregnancys but I know that with each I have shown a little earlier.This time it was about 11 weeks when I noticed a difference.I am a big girl so noone else notices but I do in the way my clothes fit.I have had to go to my pants from this time last year ( when I was 50 pounds and 4 sizes bigger)I still havent gained anything and I am totally ok with that.

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Before this preg I was around 135. (Oh, how I long for my 125 lb days before any of my kids!)

At my 8 week appt I was 140 lbs, so I was worried! But at my 12 weeks appt I was still 140, so I stopped freaking out. At any rate, I've gained about 5 lbs. I'm hoping to keep it down this time but I'm a terrible eater! I eat junk.

With my DD (preg #1) I gained over 50 lbs. With DS (preg #2) I kept it at about 35-40. And he was a bigger baby Biggrin

Here's hoping for only 30-35 lbs this time!

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I have the opposite worry, ladies. I am concerned that I haven't gained enough weight. With twins they want you to gain more weight early on than in a singleton pregnancy. The twin book I have says I should have gained 8-10 lbs by 12 weeks, and then 20lbs by 20 weeks....with complete weight gain of 40-56 lbs by the time you approach 38 weeks. Since I have been ttc with ART, I have gained about 15 lbs in the past 3 yrs....but since getting preggo I haven't really gained anything. I lost about 5 and have gained back--maybe 3? I am on the petite side, but by no means tiny. And my belly is definitely poking its way out there--I guess redistributing some of my weight?

Probably in about 10 weeks I will look back and laugh when my belly is huge, but at the moment I am trying to figure out how to eat more calories while staying healthy. Being on bed rest doesn't exactly build up your appetite!

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Pre-preg last time with DS I was 15lbs heavier than I was at the start of this preg. I should really weigh myself but I'm guessing I've put on about 7/8lbs already :eek: I blame all the take aways! I'm trying to concentrate on healthier eating since I'm enjoying being back in the kitchen cooking.

I think I must have put on about 30lbs last preg but it came off within a couple of months with the help of a very hungry baby. I guess I will aim for about the same.

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I was definitely one of the lucky ones who drop weight like crazy nursing a newborn. I was busy, it zapped my appetite and making milk apparently took all my calories. I could eat like a prego and still lost weight exceptionally fast! It was a nice side effect of nursing for me plus I produced milk like a crazy dairy cow I could have fed a country of newborns!

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I lost my weight fast when I was nursing too.I was actually amazed at how fast the weight fell off.Lost of pregnancy weight super fast and even started to lose more than that.I was so worried when I stoped nursing I would pack it back on but I didnt.

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I am not oneof the lucky ones who loses weight whilen breast feeding. I bf'd for 20 months and worked out alot but still hung on to 7ish lbs. I even trained and ran a half marathon. As soon as i stopped the bfing i dropped 5 lbs. Three weeks later i found out i was pg. Talk about bf'ing holding off ovulation!

I have gained 5 lbs on this vacation already! Im a disgusting pig! As soon as i get home its back to eating right!

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I started out 15 pounds heaveier this time. I am only 11 weeks along, but have gaind 15! Doc is not too worried, as I gained 80 (yes, 80) with my first. It was all fluid- I actuatlly ruined the doc's shoes, socks , and pants when he broke my water! Oops!

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Thank God I'm smaller with this baby! I lost almost 60lbs last year (I gained some of it back over the holidays lol) so I'm having to start from scratch with this pregnancy. I've just been wearing a lot of black leggings as pants, and I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with the belly wrap from motherhood also (only if I go out, I like to be comfortable lol). I have already bought shirts from motherhood and the gap (their maternity stuff is online) and a prego bathing suit from the gap... it's super cute!

I'm really trying to watch my calories with this baby, keeping at 2000 a day and not increasing it with each trimester. OB says that's perfectly fine as I still have some extra weight to lose! I really only want to gain just baby with this pregnancy!

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Eeek, i am already up 7 pounds. I eat too much.

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At my 15 week check I'm only up 1 pound. I'm not sure why I'm not gaining. I'm showing and I found out at my ultra sound that my placenta is anterior so that's my baby bump! Little Carter was active and measuring perfect so I guess I shouldn't be worried about my lack of weight gain.