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I was just bitten by a dog, walking down a residential street in a totally decent area of Portland. :eek:

I'm completely okay - the dog just punctured my baggy sweater and didn't break my skin. But yeah, I was just walking along, kind of zoned out... and this unleashed jack russell walking with his owner went nuts, starting seriously barking and sprinted up to me and leap-lunged at my belly. I immediately protected my stomach with my arm, and the owner called its name before it could chomp again.

The owner looked like every other 20-something professional in town and was kind of like "uh, I'm sorry" in this completely stupid way. I was so SHOCKED I just kept walking home because I didn't know what to say. "Get a leash, witch." or "I know this really great dog trainer, check him out." This is nuts. I needed to vent. I like animals, but sometimes their owners need a little training.

End of rant. I'm okay. I had a freaked out moment where I thought about all of the horror movie symbolism in a white dog going nuts and lunging at my belly LOL.

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Sorry that happened.

I have 2 seperate stories. First, my "new" dog (he is about 10-11 yrs old now). He is no longer my dog because my mil decided she wanted him, ok whatever (long story). She has told me 3 stories of how he bit 3 different people on different occassions (when he is mine he never did a thing like that!). He barks viciously at passersby. She always says, "Don't worry he won't bite." and giggles. It pisses me off. While he was with us because she was out of town, he bit my husband twice and me once! I can't stand him anymore. I don't think he should be in her care at all. He has turned into such a brat! He is a Spitz.

My other dog (dead for 11 yr) was a 1/2 lab and 1/2 pit bull &chow. She was a bit bigger. One day we were siting under a tree, she was tied up, another dog came running up on us. I assume the other dog wnted to play, but my dog thought she was going to attack. So my dog attacked the other dog, I went to kick my dog off and she bit my leg just above the back of my knee. It didn't hurt or anything, just shocked me. She immediately realized what she had done and cowered away and tried to lick my leg. I was too scared to go to the hospital, so a nurse friend of mine wrapped it up. It bled for a few days, it was horrible!

I hope that person learns to control their dog!

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scary! glad you're ok and there was no actual biting of the skin! if that dog had i would have insisted upon getting the owner's number and getting the dog's rabies and other vaccination records. that owner is SO lucky you didn't go balls to the wall with her!

when i was pg with thomas my annoying bulldog jumped up at me (she was excited about who knows what) and scratched up my belly. i was so mad at her. luckily our babies are so protected in there that it would take alot for there to be a problem. still, doesn't mean that wasn't scary for you! hugs! i'm a dog lover but give you full permission to kick that dog if it comes at you again!!!

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Ughh! That drives me nuts! Dog owners like that ruin it fir the rest of us, who know that even though our dogs are even tempered and have never even frowned at anyone, we need to keep them leashed in public. They are, after all animals!!! (but don't tell ours, they think they are human:wink:)

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Ack! That's awful. So glad you weren't hurt! Booooo on the dumb dog owner with no leash. WTH? Jack Russell's have a bad reputation for being aggressive little sh*ts you'd think someone owning one would be more careful.

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I'm so sorry! I too hate it when people don't have their dogs on leashes. I keep my little yorkie on one no matter where we are, not because she would EVER bite anyone, but she is a horrible barker and could make someone think she wants to attack (when really she wants to attack with incessant licking lol)! It makes me want to snatch up my kids every time I see a dog not on a leash, becase I'm sorry, you just NEVER know what a dog might do...

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UUGGHH I HATE HATE HATE irresponsible pet owners. Blah they make me crazy!

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My DH says those little dogs, aka ankle biters, are far worse than any big dogs! So lucky you were wearing that sweater! It is way too hot here for sweaters. That person needs to get their dog under control. Ridiculous!