What is for dinner?

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What is for dinner?

I'm undecided at this point.

Leaning towards...making a greek salad and reheating leftovers!

Last night I made marinara sauce & meatballs - threw it all into the crockpot to simmer for 1-2 hours.

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I am probably just going to make hamburger helper. Something nice and easy.

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Greek salad is my favorite. Now you're making me want one!

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We had chicken, rice, and green beans. Plus, homemade bread! Biggrin

It's funny,I like greek salad dressing, but since I don't like cucumbers or feta, it's kind of silly for me to say I like greek salad! I like lettuce and tomatoes though LOL!

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We had pizza. Tomorrow is lasagne and caesaer salad.

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"SamanthaX3" wrote:

I am probably just going to make hamburger helper. Something nice and easy.

What is hamburger helper?

We are having lasagna tonight and will prob have the leftovers for tomorrow.

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Hamburger helper is a boxed food, that consists of a pasta/rice, some seasonings, and some sauce, and all you have to do is add hamburger (or chicken, or whatever you want really). Its pretty convenient. I haven't had that stuff in YEARS!!!!

I think I am going to get dinner from the lebanese place tonight. Wednesday is their buffet night, and for $30, I can get to to-go containers loaded with enough food to last us two days. At least. I have a hankering for their baba-ganoush. And my guys love their hummus.

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Last night we had BBQ Chicken (marinated with cajcun spice and bbq sauce), roasted bbq'd potatoes (with cajcun spice, chives, salt, pepper and butter-delish!), and corn. Tonight it will probably be something easy because dh will be away for work, and I get lazy. The kids aren't picky eaters either, so perhaps chicken strips and fries and a veggie.