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What do you think?

Ok so I have almost 8 weeks to go but doc says more like 6 weeks! I've read the books and the list for what to bring to the hospital and its almost another book in its self lol.
What do you think I should bring? And when should I get it ready? Please help, It should be a natural birth with pain meds and my husband and I Smile

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I'm going to say again that I am completely jealous you are so close to meeting your LO!

At my last appointment with midwives, I was handed a list of stuff for the birth bag. Yes, it was huge and book-like. The midwives do our 36-week visit here at our home, at which time they check the bag to make sure it is 100% complete (or so the threat goes...I learned from a friend that it is just an well-meaning, empty threat to make sure you are ready to go 4 weeks in advance).

Here is an incomplete list of what is going in my bag:

Toiletries for me
2 nursing tanks and super baggy yoga pants
granny panties and mega-maxi pads
2 complete outfits for LO - I'm bringing clothes in both NB and 0-3 months sizes
1 thick blanket or carseat cover
Recharge (natural gatorade)
Snacks and Larabars
Cell phone charger

Massage oil
Ipod + Ipod Dock

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We're pretty close to the hospital and DH doesn't stay with me so I don't stress too much about what to bring b/c he can easily zip home and grab me anything I need.

I had a couple pairs of comfy pants -- but as a warning don't bring anything you'd be upset if it got bled on. I bled through on one pair of pants really quickly. Not a big deal but I needed more than one pair. Nursing tanks, comfy baggy shirt. Toiletries. I just used the granny panties and big pads the hospital offered the first day then my own after that.

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hmm ok so I should start collecting theese items... Pads I totally forgot about that. ugh I dont want to wear pads again lol its been nice not worring about them lol

Jasmine it wont be long girl and you will see your LO too!

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I took comfy sweats,pads and a hairbrush. I took chapstick cause my lips get horribly dry while in labor. I stay the minimuim amount of time they will let me and try to get home as quick as possible so I dont take much.

outfit for pic and to come home in for baby
carseat cover
suckers( I have to have antibiotics while in labor and they leave a HORRIBLE taste in your mouth the sucker helps get rid of that.)
headphones for my phone
That is about all I will take. I will have my bank card incase I need a snack or something but like I said I prefer to be in and out as quick as possible. I did 25 hours with my last one and was in heaven.

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Pack light... I just brought a nightgown, baby's outfit, toiletries, pillow, camera, and my iPod. One small bag should do it...

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Cool thanks ladies. the suckers are a great idea! So glad I have girlies to talk to Smile

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So glad you posted this. I am trying to get an idea of what to bring. I will be in the hospital for 3 days so I want to be prepared but not over bring. This helps...thanks!

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Don't forget a book or some magazines you can read! Especially if you're in for more than a day or two. Smile