What are you doing this weekend?

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What are you doing this weekend?

So what is everyone up to for the weekend?

DH and I are going camping tomorrow without DS. We have a big party at the lake with 100 people for a friends bday on Sat and it would be to much for DS. He has not been enjoying being outside and around alot of people so we have a great respite lady that has been with us for four years. So she will stay home at our house with DS while DH and I go. I am excited to have the time with DH but I always feel weird without DS around. Although that lady taking care of him is one of his fave people ever and she is so much fun so he will love being away from mom and dad and playing all weekend. Besides the party I just plan to laze at the lake and visit with friends and family.

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Just hanging around the house. Staying inside where it is nice and cool!! DH is working on an outside project so I hope DS behaves for me Smile I have so little energy in the heat to chase him around!

Enjoy your party!!!

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We were supposed to go visit friends that their cabin. Now well stay home and dh will rest and I'll take him for his followup at the hospital.

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My DS's bday party is Sunday morning, so I will spend all day tonight and tomorrow prepping for it!

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Just vegging. It is too hot to do anything!!

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Bright and early tomorrow I have a dog adoption event. It was scheduled to start at 10 but b/c of the heat they pushed it back to 8am so the dogs aren't out in the scorching heat potentially over heating. Soooo I'll be heading out around 730. Then Sunday is just hanging home with DH and DS Smile

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Well, when this was originally posted I was in San Diego for the Comic Con, so that's what I did! And technically today is my Friday, so tomorrow and Wednesday I plan on sleeping in and then cleaning house... not fun but totally necessary lol!