What are your favorites?

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What are your favorites?

Ok ladies I want to know your favorties?
1.Peice of maternity clothes?
2.Baby outfit?
3.Baby furniture?
4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you?
5.Your fav color?
6.Salty snack?
7.Sweet snack?
9.Book or TV show?
10.Place to relax?
11.Must have baby item?
Thanks Smile

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1. My basic white strech maternity tank top.
2. Anything with an elephant on it Smile
3. So far its my changing table, but we'll see once the baby gets here.
4. My hubby sends me a good morning text that reads( Good morning my love , my wife, my mother to be! I love you)
5. HOT pink!!!!
6. Mac and cheese
7. Popcicles
8. My one pepsi a day!
9. Big brother lol
10. My front porch watching the cows and chickens in the field Smile
11. I think its going to be my boppy but again we'll see.

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1.Piece of maternity clothes? Love my preggo jeans and long tops (BTW it is winter here) In summer I would go for the tanks.
2.Baby outfit? I have fallen in love with girls bloomers (nappy covers), I have bought so many pairs!
3.Baby furniture? The bouncernette
4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? Makes me coffee!
5.Your fav color? Hot pink
6.Salty snack? Cashews
7.Sweet snack? Chocolate
8.Drink? Caramel flavoured milk.
9.Book or TV show? I'm not much of a reader, I love the crime and murder shows like CSI
10.Place to relax? Blobbing in my bed Smile During the summer I love to lie out in the sun and soak up all the rays!
11.Must have baby item? Wrap - A savior when you have an upset bubba

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Thanks for starting this thread!

1.Piece of maternity clothes? These hideous gauchos. So comfy!

2.Baby outfit? I'm REALLY digging the cotton gowns for the first few weeks.

3.Baby furniture? N/A? does a baby bjorn count?

4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? Massages Smile

5.Your fav color? dove grey. I'm so boring.

6.Salty snack? Corn chips with salsa!

7.Sweet snack? Chocolate, but it is off limits!

8.Drink? Not pregnant, definitely white wine.

9.Book or TV show? I'm into Phillip Roth at the moment.

10.Place to relax? The park near our apartment.

11.Must have baby item? Probably baby carriers!

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1.Piece of maternity clothes? I have a lovely new pair of jeans with the full panel belly that I am so excited to wear as soon as the weather cools down! Also, I have a few new favourite t-shirts, and a new striped cardigan that I'm looking forward to wearing this fall.
2.Baby outfit? I haven't bought any clothes for this new baby, but I did go through DS's baby clothes and found some super cute outfits I forgot about! I love everything by Carters. Which is unfortunate because it is hard to get around here!
3.Baby furniture? All our baby furniture is from DD and DS, so nothing new or exciting. I am excited to get our baby swing back out, I loved using the swing with both my kids.
4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? He always texts me when he's on his way home to ask if I need anything. Most times I don't but if I need a little snack before bed it's nice to have him pick it up! I also love watching him play with the kids when he gets back from work - they love their Daddy!
5.Your fav color? GREEN!
6.Salty snack? Dill Pickle potato chips!
7.Sweet snack? Slurpee Dirol
8.Drink? Chocolate milk
9.Book or TV show? OK, way too hard! For books, I love the classics (by Austen, Bronte, Dickens) and for TV shows, I love Glee and Grey's Anatomy, and CSI.
10.Place to relax? Someone else's house! Ha ha, my house is usually too messy to be relaxing. I love to be out at my IL's lakehouse. It's big and spacious and right on the water.
11.Must have baby item? I'm going to agree with the wrap/baby carrier. I love my Moby and my pouch sling!

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1.Peice of maternity clothes? I'm mostly just wearing stretchy shorts and tshirts - haven't had the need for maternity yet. I have two pairs of target maternity shorts and then just wear my bigger tshirts.
2.Baby outfit? I bought a cute coming home outfit from target and my dog was just eating it this morning!!!!
3.Baby furniture? My little lamb swing. If you dont have one, get one!!
4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? Takes Thomas for a walk or to the zoo or something so I can relax
5.Your fav color?Navy blue
6.Salty snack?God, anything I can get my hands on!! Lately pounds and pounds of goldfish!!
7.Sweet snack? Had a mcflurry last night. It was Devine!
8.Drink? Seltzer. It's all I drink. I might have a Guinness tonight if we go out to eat. Mmmmmm
9.Book or TV show?
10.Place to relax?The beach club but that's only if I can get someone to play with my toddler so I can sit!
11.Must have baby item? Well I already said the swing so next I pick "my Brest friend" it is the best thing ever!! Take the boppy off your registry and get the Brest friend. Love love love it.

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I forgot about the baby carriers! Yes you are all so right about that. Moby, ergo, and bjorn are my favorite. Each are good for different reasons and love them all!!

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"lily0624" wrote:

11.Must have baby item? Well I already said the swing so next I pick "my Brest friend" it is the best thing ever!! Take the boppy off your registry and get the Brest friend. Love love love it.

Please tell me more about this product!

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1.Peice of maternity clothes? My $5 maternity tanks I bought from Kohls.

2.Baby outfit? I don't have a favorite yet. I imagine he'll be wearing the onesies and the sleep gowns a lot.

3.Baby furniture? The changing table we have is really cute.

4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? Caters to my late night cravings without complaining.

5.Your fav color? Love shades of blue and lavender

6.Salty snack? Chex mix!

7.Sweet snack? I love fig bars and peanutbutter toast with bananas

8.Drink? I do not like water but lately I can't get enough. I keep a bottle of it in my purse at all times. I really like fresh lemonade too.

9.Book or TV show? I don't watch too much "quailty" tv. Mostly goofy reality shows like The Bachelor or Jersey Shore.

10.Place to relax? At home.

11.Must have baby item? Not really sure since I haven't used any baby items on a regular basis. I'd probably say a good carseat.

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1.Peice of maternity clothes? khaki capris
2.Baby outfit? not sure yet...
3.Baby furniture? Our Bassett convertible crib
4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? lets me sleep in!!
5.Your fav color? blue or green
6.Salty snack? pop corn
7.Sweet snack? ice cream
8.Drink? any kind of juice
9.Book or TV show? never time to watch TV or read anymore...well I read Ds books does Firehouse Clifford count???
10.Place to relax? Our bed with my Boppy maternity pillow
11.Must have baby item? Boppy or my Breastfriend for nursing

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1.Peice of maternity clothes? Black yoga pants from GAP

2.Baby outfit? This little vintage gown that was actually my little sister's

3.Baby furniture? I just bought both pieces (a crib and dresser) off of craigslist for $200, and they were over $1000 retail!

4.Fav thing your SO or bff does for you? Tell me how beautiful I look

5.Your fav color? Green

6.Salty snack? Cheese Doritos

7.Sweet snack? Baskin robbins ice cream

8.Drink? Diet coke (don't judge me lol!)

9.Book or TV show? Book: Breaking Dawn, TV show: Sex and the City or Friends

10.Place to relax? My bed

11.Must have baby item? Burp cloths!