What's for dinner tonight?

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What's for dinner tonight?

I'm working on getting dinner going--already--and its only 2:15 p.m.


Well, I am hopefully slow cooking a pork loin over the charcoal grill. And then adding corn on the cob to the grill later. And serving shredded pork sammies for dinner. I say *hopefully slow cooking* because I am working on getting the grill going and last check, it was at 600*!!! That sure won't slow roast, but I think its because my lump charcoal was still actually on fire. Gotta wait a bit for that to slow down. I am still new to the charcoal grilling thing, but after setting our gas grill on fire a couple months ago, I am scared to use that one!!!

So--what's for dinner in your house tonight?

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Mmm, sounds delish!

It is so hot in my house I am dreading making ANYTHING for supper because I hate to turn the oven or stove on. Maybe we'll just do egg salad sandwiches or something Biggrin

Or I could seriously settle for a popsicle for supper!

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Left over curry grilled chicken breast with a salad. I don't feel like cooking, I did yesterday...

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i'm making this tonight: http://eatathomecooks.com/2010/07/chicken-and-broccoli-stuffed-shells-with-alfredo-sauce.html

i'm going to freeze half of it to make next week. i need to get off the couch and poach some chicken first though!

i'm really trying to cook at home more. it is SO easy to just order pizza or chinese food.

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Fish tacos. I'll marinate some tilapia, and serve on corn tortillas with shredded cabbage and pico de gallo.

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Dinner is still 9 hours away!

We are having lasagna though since it's DS's fave Biggrin

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Mmmmmm.....lasagna. My BIL is coming over & I don't have enough food here to cook a big meal so I'll probably order pizza. Maybe I'll bring everyone out to the pizza place; that might be fun for the kids.

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Tacos! We use our own seasoning (so it's no 99.9% sodium!!) and we have some fresh pico made up Yu-UMMM! Evan will have black beans and cheese with a little seasoned meat too but he isn't much for pico

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We had BBQ steak, coleslaw, roasted asparagus and rice. That chicken and brocolli Alfredo recipe looks great! I'm
going yo make that tomorrow! Saturday will be the extra pan of chicken enchiladas I made last week.

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I am with Sandra. It is so hot here there was no way I am cooking. So I picked up a roasted chicken and made sandwiches and salad. I love seeing what everyone is having...it gives me some ideas.