What's left to get?

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What's left to get?

What's still on your shopping list? I have to wait until next Wednesday when I get paid, but I still need to get a second diaper pail and a warm winter hat for Maya. I think I have everything else I need but I'm always worried I've forgotten something! Here's my list, can any one tell me if I'm missing something?

Diapers : a boxnof nb and a box of size one plus the cloth diapers I didn't sell from Melodie
clothes: about eight onesies in nb and 3 mo., ten pjs in both sizes, ten pairs of socks, three nice outfits in each size, three gowns (and a lot more I haven't taken out of the boxes yet!!) three pairs of mittens and four light weight hats

gear: car seat with warm cover, stroller, play pen, swing, vibrating chair high chair and bimbo

furniture: crib, change table, dresser ( I have one rocker to share between the girls. I'm going to ask my parents to buy me a second one for my birthday in November)

receiving blankets, bibs, blankets out the ting yang

stuffed animals, soothers (hope not to use them), pump, bottles, milk storage bags, nipple shields, two nursing bras, one set nursing pyjamas ( I got horrible chills after having Melodie so I'll probably need warmer pjs this time) mobile, fish aquarium, bath stiluff, wipes, hygeine and medical kit, baby bath tub.

Lots of stuff! And my shower isn't until Friday night!

Am I missing anything other than a big sister gift for Melodie?

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I have nothing left to buy for my LO. I finished up my shopping yesterday, even though I was suppose to be in bed I just had to complete my shopping list so I wouldn't worry.

This is what I bought: bottle drying rack, dishwasher basket, bottle warmer, infant Tylenol, baby socks, playtex nurser, extra drop-ins, pack of receiving blankets, pack of AA batteries, pads for me, cheap black panties for me so I don't ruin my nice ones, microwave steam sterilizer.

Everything else I had received from showers so I only spent about $120. I couldn't relax knowing that we still needed things for the baby. I could have sent Matt out for them but I wanted specific things so I took care of it myself. Now my hospital bag is packed and sitting next to the boppy for when it is baby time. With these bp issues I'm having I wanted to be ready to go at any time.

Your list looks pretty complete, from what I can tell as a FTM. Are you ready for this LO to come? I saw you are having an appointment on Friday. I am too. Wouldn't that be neat if we had our babies the same day! I hope it doesn't happen yet for me but I'm mentally preparing for any time.

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I was just going to post a same question.
I would add :
alcohol wipes for the belly button.
baby wash

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I've got to get some pads for me, pack my bag, and thats really it. I went to storage to get the infant carrier and bouncer seat out, and to my dismay discovered that my wonderful husband put an AIR CONDITIONER on the box that holds the infant seat and bases. I was going to be installing those this week or next week. And the box with the swing and bouncer is WAY at the back, and I can't climb over the christmas tree, air conditioner and other assorted junk to get there. I did however get the cradle out, and picked up a crib mattress today. Smile I am good with pretty much everything else.

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Thanks! I think I'm ok. I also have a nursing cover up I forgot to list. As for Friday, if it happens, it happens but I hope for us both we at least make it to term !

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Nice work guys! I looked carefully over those lists, but didn't see anything missing.

I just realized I need to get some bags for his diaper pail. Other than that, I'm done!

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Lol you're way more organized than I am with all of your goodies!! I have all of his bath stuff sorted, his room ready, and cites washed and put away. I still need to get a bassinet and a strolled, and after that I think Im done! And remember, if you're having a hospital birth, they give you tons of stuff to take home as well for baby (at least mine does)!!

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I can't really claim much credit, it's all left over from last time! I did buy a peanut nursing pillow this time. As a bigger girl the boppy wasn't the best fit.

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I can't really claim much credit, it's all left over from last time! I did buy a peanut nursing pillow this time. As a bigger girl the boppy wasn't the best fit.

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I still need:

diapers (I have none!)
diaper caddy (I think I want one this time - since there's no room for a change table in our bedroom too! I usually change on the floor or bed anyways, so a small diaper caddy would be nice)
diaper bag! (I'm holding off until Christmas to get the one I want. Until then I'll suffer through with an old one I don't like)
And, if nursing works out I may invest in a nicer nursing pillow.

Plus, I'm still waiting for his coming home outfit to arrive in the mail!

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Pads fir me Sad I was hoping to skip that part. I guess a couple of packages will have to fall into my grocery cart tomorrow.

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It's just a matter of ordering the stroller and gluing together a bolt for the bassinet.

All sorted, even hospital bags are ready to go!

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Nothing for the time being. Once Landon moves out of our room we will need to get another baby monitor.

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We need NB diapers. Other then that, I am not sure- our "room mate" moves out of the baby's room this Friday. ( Hope he has a place to go....), so I have not really been able to 'sort' through all the leftovers from DD and the stuff my SIL gave us!

We have all the 'big' stuff, though!

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I think we have most everything -- putting it all together and up is a different story!!

We have a crib, dresser/changer, bedroom set, diapers, clothing, vibrating chair, swing.

I don't have bottles yet but he'll be mostly boob for a while so I have time on that. I don't have any pacis but Evan never took one so we may not use them at all if he seems to need one I'll give it a go.

For me I have nursing tanks and some pads.

But the room isn't fully cleared out yet, it isn't painted, nothing is put together and the clothing though all washed is just in a bin! UGH! This weekend I have a volunteer event most the day Saturday and if Sunday is nice I want to take Evan to the pumpkin patch. So let's hope we can get it done next week. I'm only 34 weeks I have time Wink

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I just need a few blankets but I have tons of sleep sacks that will work just as well.Bag is packed and all his stuff is ready to go.

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Hmmm... Bags packed. Gotta get on that! I also have to go buy Mélodie her big sister gift from the baby.