What's Up this Weekend?

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What's Up this Weekend?

Any weekend plans?

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Saturday is a crazy day - there must be a million things going on, and so we could only pick a few to go to!

In the evening I have 2 BBQ's to go to - one for church, and one for a good friend who is having a farewell BBQ before she moves to Australia. DH will be spending the evening at a friend's Stag - he"s getting married in 2 weeks. Of course, my sitter fell through, so this is all contingent on finding another one! I'm sure I can snag my younger sisters or mom, or maybe just ship the kids to their house for a sleepover.

(And in the morning on Saturday, I'm seeing the 5th Harry Potter movie in theatres Biggrin Yes, I am one of those major HP nerds who actually bought tickets for the special showings of all 7 previous HP movies in theatres leading up to the release of the 8th movie in 3 weeks! I also have my tickets already for the midnight showing of the new movie!)

Sunday is a usual Sunday for us - church and time with family. We might head out to either my family's or DH's family's for dinner.

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I am rearranging furniture today.The upstairs today anyways.I want to rearrange my room and wipe down the walls and rearrange dressers and stuff to have room for the baby in my room.I also want to go bed shopping tommrow.I am hoping to find something more comfortable as my bed it HORRIBLE.I want to get the kids room all moved around and stuff too. Maybe tommrow I will do the downstairs.I am getting the lecture about movie furniture and stuff but oh well I gotta do waht I gotta do.

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LOL, I have the furniture reorganizing bug too! I tried to do the living room yesterday since all the furniture was moved out of the way to have our carpets cleaned anyways, but I couldn't find a configuration that worked as well as our current one. We have a tiny living room!

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Today is a holiday here so my plans of sink and toilet shopping got flushed down the drain! I'm going yo attempt yo draw up a floor plan - so far it's not as easy ad you'd think!

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I think Sat morning DH is going to golf with a friend and Sat evening he has a "stag" to go to that's really just playing cards with a group of guys all but the one are married it will be very low key. Tonight I have the "bachelorette" party for the to-be wife. Nothing fancy, drinks and dinner I'll just do the dinner obviously. So Sat I'll hang home with Evan, maybe go swimming at my mom's if it's nice. DH will get a guy's day - which is actually good for him he hasn't been golfing in more than a year and every other Sat I have dog rescue stuff and he's home with Evan so he deserves a fun Saturday. SUnday we'll just hang home, yardwork, relax Smile

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Work, work, work, as usual...

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Yup, working.

Also: we went to this fantastic garage sale today. The lovely ladies were SO chatty and excited for our LO. They even gave me strawberries picked from their garden and dug up some hen and chick plants for SO.

And I got 7 baby clothes items AND a really perfect baby bathtub - for 75 cents total. What a steal. woohoo!

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Very quiet here...thankfully. DS had his dental surgery on Friday so we kept things quiet. My mom went home today. DH took the trailor out to the lake and is spending the night there so he can get everything cleaned, set up and all done so it will be all ready for us all when we get there next weekend. So it is just me and DS today and tomorrow. Luckily I had some respite come for a couple hours today and tomorrow so I can catch up on some rest and I am even going out for lunch with a friend tomorrow.

Amber...I need to get going on stuff like you...but I did not really get my butt off of the couch today. Good job

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We were going to the zoo yesterday, but it was rainy. Then we decided to go to an indoor play place, but our friends came over for a visit with their newborn (well, he's going to be 2 months old soon). And then DH went out to the casino with the guys-he's the best man in one of their wedding's next weekend, and he wanted to take the group of guys out for a nice dinner and a couple drinks. I tie dyed while he was gone after Jack went to bed.

Today we're going to pick some veggies at the farm where we have a CSA membership, and then over to our friends for burgers cooked on their grill.

Funny thing-our friend had to change her baby yesterday, so I said "use Jack's changing table". As soon as Jack saw me, Stephanie and the baby head upstairs, he went into hysterical crying--I don't know if he thought he was being "replaced" or something, or if Logan was "stealing" his room...it took about 10 minutes to get him to calm down. I forsee trouble once this new baby arrives! Especially because they will HAVE to share a room after a bit, and they WILL be sharing dressers/changing tables, etc. Maybe it will be different because he will see me with the baby at the hospital, etc.