What's on your schedule this week?

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What's on your schedule this week?

Tomorrow I have an ob appt.I'm hoping to get more details on my induction.
Wednesday I'm going with dd s daycare to the pumpkin patch then she has swimming
Thursday I am finishing shopping and installing car seats and bringing in the swing
Friday is haircut and movie day for ME
Saturday we have a birthday party for Melidie's friend, at night we're going to see the Halloween lights at the aquarium
Sunday is finish up details and cuddle with Melodie. Dh is taking her to my inlaws for dinner so I can have the evening to myself
Monday is baby day!

glad to have a busy week, I'm getting nervous.

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Tuesday-off work-lunch with DH, Ds is going to daycare so I can try to sleep in! U/s and OB appt in afternoon
Wed-Fri work, Friday evening dinner with some Mom friends.
weekend-off work and no plans yet!

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Email copies of my parking receipts for the flexible spending account and - if I'm up for it - unload the dishwasher. Gee, bedrest is boring!

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Yay for keeping busy! It's my Friday, so I expect to go home, eat, get no sex (please refer to my earlier "8 days" post lol) and go to sleep. But tomorrow I'm meeting with my mom and her BF to finalize the baby shower plans! I'm also gonna head over to Walmart and do their layaway deal for the last few presents that I need for Christmas!