when did you/will you find out sex?

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when did you/will you find out sex?

i have an ultrasound tomorrow. i had my OB appt downtown today but that was just a weigh in, listen to heartbeat, ask any questions, get blood taken for the blah blah test kind of appt. tomorrow is an ultrasound at the hospital. i think b/c i had growing issues with thomas they want me to come in around 15-16 weeks.

anywho, at my NT scan the tech said that the earliest you can find out the sex is 15 weeks. i'll be 15 and a half weeks tomorrow. i wonder if they will be able to tell me? and if they can, i wonder how sure they will be?

how far along are your gender appts? i suppose i could just hold off til the 20ish week one but i want to know now! Smile

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I only get 2 U/S per pregnancy, so there's not much picking or choosing around here! I had a 12 week scan and I'll have a 20 week scan. It'll be easy to see the goods then!

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We found out on the day I was 18 weeks, which was the earliest my health care provider was willing to make that appointment. It was an hour long appointment (gotta measure both the kidneys at least 4 times!) and she wouldn't tell us the gender until the end because she said she wanted to get at least 6 or 8 good looks at the goods before telling us. The technician wasn't willing to put a statistical likelihood on us having a boy when I asked, but she told us to go paint the bedroom so I guess that means she was pretty confident.

It does sound like some people are able to get really accurate results as early as 16 weeks though!

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You shouldnt have any problems. We found out 14wks 5 days

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I will find out on 6/15 ....I'm counting the days! I will be almost 18 weeks when I go in next week. Can't wait to find out!

Good luck on your U/S tomorrow! Smile

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I too will find out tomorrow and I will be 18+ weeks. My nurse at doc office said you can usually see around 16 weeks they just like doing the next one at 18 weeks as it is a good time to measure everything. Good luck tomorrow...I hope you get a sneek peak

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Hopefully I will find out July 18th.

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we found out at 16 weeks 2 days. It was a gender scan at a local preg spa. My next u/s at doc office is july 1st, I will be almost 21 weeks.

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My OB only does an U/S once for a normal no-risk pregnancy, around 18-20 weeks. I have an elective 3D U/S done before then because I have no patience waiting for the OB lol! We found out just last Friday that we are having a boy at 13 weeks, 6 days... and there was no denying his sex. He was not shy at all, kept his legs wide open and let all the business hang out lol! Good luck!