When to set up bassinet

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When to set up bassinet

Ok, so I am going into nesting mode here, and I want to get stuff done!

I am trying to decide when to set up the bassinet though, cause I know as soon as I put it up, my boys will start climbing in it, trying to jump on it, etc. and it will become a jungle gym.
It'll be in my room, where the boys play all the time, so I won't be able to keep them away from it.

So is it better to set it up early, let them see it & maybe get bored of it so they leave it alone when the baby comes? Or should I wait till the last minute & try to forbid them to touch it altogether?

Or maybe skip the bassinet entirely & just put up the crib which is a little more sturdy and stable if they climb on it?

Any ideas?

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Hmm, tough one. It might help to have some time for them to adjust and realize that it is for baby ONLY. When I was pregnant with DS, we had a small cradle in our room that we had to teach DD was only for baby. We let her practice putting her baby dolls in there and rocking them. The same thing with the baby swing - at first she tried to climb in it herself, but then we showed her how to rock her dolly in it.

ETA: Maybe you don't have any dolls because you have little boys, not girls! But I think a doll would be a valuable learning toy for them over the next few months!

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If you want it put together and have the space, why not assemble it and hide it in the basement?

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I think putting it up and letting the boys get used to it is a good idea. and hopfully they will be bored with by the time LO comes.

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I always use a bassinet for the first couple of months. The crib will be up anyway in his nursery, but until I feel comfortable enough for him to sleep in another room he'll be in mine in the bassinet. I would probably wait until around a month before baby is due to put it up, and set some strict rules in place as to what it is and it's not to be touched. Better now than when the baby comes and God forbid they try to climb on it when the baby is actually sleeping in there! Getting them used to what it is and what the rules are once baby comes is definitely the way to go!

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I will probably wait until lo is here and then set up the bassinet. It's really easy peasy to put up and there isn't a lot of space in our room. I will wash everything beforehand so it's all ready to go.

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I may set up the bassinet before hand. I have it right next to the door of the attic taken apart for storage. But come to think about it...I don't know where the fabric pieces are. I guess I'll have to go attic diving and see what I can find over the next couple weeks. Smile I might just skip that, and just set up her crib in our bedroom.