Who plans in finding out?

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Who plans in finding out?

Who is planning on finding out the gender of baby? Who's got to convince their SO either way?

I don't want to-you never know when you're done having kids-and I want a surprise for once in my life! DH wants to know, but he also knows not to push it because my mind is made up. Smile and he knows that once it's made up, there's no changing it!

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I can't decide!

Our first was a surprise. It was so fun to find out when she was born that it was a girl!
We found out for #2 - I wanted to know if I would need a whole new wardrobe or not!

This time I'm not sure. Now that we've had one of each, it's not like I need a whole new wardrobe again. We would probably be fine with it being a surprise - my only issue is the names - we already have a girls name picked out. But if it is a boy, we can't agree on anything Smile If we decide to find out, and it's a girl, I can save myself 4 months of arguing over boys names! And if we find out it's a boy.....I can hunker down Biggrin If we dont' find out though, I may spend 4 months arguing over boys names for no reason....hee hee hee.

Dh says it's up to me. I think he'd probably prefer to find out. I just remember how fun the surprise was.

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yes we will find out. it's a surprise whether you find out at 20 weeks or upon delivery! i just like to be surprised ahead of time Wink plus, this baby is a BIG surprise anyway so i think i've had enough of those for a while! Smile

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We will be finding out, I suck at surprises!

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At first he didn't want to find out. But I shot that down quickly and he hasn't brought it up since. Blum 3

Besides I am already finding it extremely hard to not shop for this baby. I need to know!

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I have to know.I am one of those people that would find out the day I got the BFP if I could! DBF hasnt said either way.If he doesnt want to know he can step in the hallway when I find out and I will keep all items geared towards that sex away from him until delivery.We have alreawdy picked out the names so now I just need to get to the point so I can find out what it is!

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We're definitely finding out! I'm too much of a control freak to not be able to plan and have everything ready for the baby before he/she arrives.

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18-20 weeks is long enough for me! I'll find out for sure

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Finding out. Need to know if it will be 5 boys 5 girls or if boys will keep the lead!

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That is so cool Asha!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your family pic! What a beautiful group of kids you have!

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Awwe, thank you! I LOVE the dimples on Evan's face- he is soooo cute!

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We deffo want to find out.
Neither of us could do the surprise route.....respect to you ladies who can do it!!!

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we will find out!!!

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I never wanted to find out. With #1 she was a complete surprise. #2 I didn't wantto know either, but even I could see boy parts in the u/s, so even though I didn't ask, I knew. This timeI would like another surprise too... but we'll have to see how things unravel.

FWIW, #1 always refers to it as her sister. If I ask girl or boy, she says, both! But I say her vote is girl. With #2 she always said it was a boy.

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My 4-year-old wants a sister; he tells me every day even though he doesn't know I'm pregnant. Smile DH has 7 brothers though, so I think it's most likely that we will have another boy.

We will definitely find out; I'm the kind of person that likes to have as much information as possible about everything.

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Nathan usually finds out first then finds a creative way to tell me the next few days after finding out himself. Smile