Who wants to nest with me?

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Who wants to nest with me?

Write your goals and then
update what you did! I might add that my energy is completely gone so I need somewhere to be accountable. So much to do, so little time!

Here's my list:

vacuum downstairs check!
dust tv and stand in hallway and convince dh to moe them downstairs
scrub stairs check!
take ten loads of boxes and bags downstairs
clean all heat registers
empty dishwasher check!
five minute kitchen clean
five minute living room clean
put away laundry
do three more loads and put away laundry
eat lunch

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Me! Which is odd, since I hate nesting, but I HAVE to get things done today!


Sweep kitchen and dining room
Mop kitchen and dining room
Wash down dining room table and chairs
Tidy living room
Vacuum living room


Clean up kids playroom (with their help!)
Do 3 loads of laundry
Put away laundry!
Vacuum stairs
Sweep front hall
Mop front hall

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Can't update properly but other than the laundry I'm done!

Ten more loads and the dining room will be clear if dh takes six down for me. Then I'll put up the playpen - that's definitely going to make this more real!!

Zero energy left!!! Should be done by tomorrow

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Ugghhh I did two hours worth of cleaning today before work, but it wasn't nesting, as I had no motivation to do it and was frustrated, sweating, and aching the whole time! Isn't "nesting" supposed to be something you want to do, and you feel good while doing it??!! I only cleaned the kitchen and the living room, and yes, that took TWO FREAKING HOURS!! That's how outta control and messy my kids are! Their crap is EVERYWHERE!! The thought of making a list of everything else that needs to be cleaned before this LO arrives makes me want to cry...

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Well after doing all the stuff I initially listed, I was POOPED. I pulled a muscle in my lower back while mopping the floor and have been in pain all day!

Tomorrow is another day......

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I've finished everything I can on the main floor! There is still clutter everywhere but I can exactly carry amps downstairs! So, waiting on dh who sees zero rush *sigh*

today I'll do the master bedroom and then tomorrow a quick one hour general tidy and were ready to rock!

This has been a long path but the end is in sight. Organiising the basement is a whole other story but I'm not going there!

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Yeah, why do guys not see what needs to be done and that they need to help out to get it done before the baby comes, which could be any minute!:rolleyes:

I need to clean kitchen and living room today and do my laundry.
make some phone calls that I have been putting off/forgetting.
This week:
get car seat
organize baby clothes
move pack-n-plays
get my car washed and vacuumed, it is horrendous!
maybe cook some meals to freeze
pack bag
pick up contact lenses

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I am "nesting" myself Lol need to get ready for the boys to come home.
I need to.finish deep cleaning the rest of the house lol that is all Haha