Whoops....(Updated with scary picture on pg2! Ha ha)

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Whoops....(Updated with scary picture on pg2! Ha ha)

Well, we told DH's family tonight! It wasn't planned at all. But we were out for dinner (MIL, FIL, SIL & BIL and their son, DH the kids and I, and DH's aunt from out of town) and SIL announced to us that she was pregnant (MIL told me on Sunday, but I pretended to be surprised!)

So then DH pokes me and whispers, "do you just want to tell them?" We whispered back a couple of "it's up to you" "No, it's up to you!" and finally DH said, "Well, I guess now would be a good time to tell you Sandra is pregnant too!" Everyone laughed hysterically and was really happy Biggrin

MIL and FIL said they already knew, because they could tell I was getting a belly. I'm only 7 weeks :eek: and they could tell. Yeah, I am already getting big! I thought I was doing not bad at hiding it, but I guess they already figured it out! There was no way we could make it to 12 weeks again!

Now we'll have to tell my family!

SIL and I will have due dates about 2 weeks apart! She is only 5 weeks.

Here is my belly at 4 weeks and then at 7 weeks.....not hard to guess if I'm wearing tight clothes!

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great shots! Yes, I think you can tell,heehee;)

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Awww what a cute little tummy!

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That's great that everyone is so excited and I think it's super cool that you get to be preggers with your SIL. Are you guys close?

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Naw cute bump! No mistaking it!

So happy it went well!

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So glad they were so happy and yes..that is a very cute bump!!

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Yea I dont think you could hid it much longer.Great baby bump.

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Lurking* What a cute belly! You had the best belly ever with Eli! There was no way you could make it to 12 weeks! When will you tell your family? Smile

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Thanks everyone Biggrin

My mom is picking up the kids tonight for a sleepover. I think I may tell her then - we don't have a full family gathering planned anytime in the near future. So perhaps I'll just tell my mom and she can pass it on!

I think we'll try and hold off telling everyone else (Facebook, LOL) until after my 10 week ultrasound. I have a cute idea planned for announcing on FB, and I'll need an U/S picture.

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Sandra- that's great that everyone was so happy!!!!! And yes, you have a cute baby bump already!!!
Special request: Could youPLEASE post your 41 week pic with Eli??? Pretty please with Cherry on top?????
All the ladies here need to know what your belly is capable of!!

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Ha ha ha Asha! Yes, perhaps it will lead to better understanding of why my belly is big already!

I actually don't even have a 41 week picture. The last picture I have it of 40 weeks. I then went 10 days past that with no picture documentation!

For your viewing pleasure (or to scare the crap out of any FTM'S!)

My 39 week belly with DS Eli

My 40 week belly with DS Eli

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holy moly now thats a belly... how big were your kids?

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OMG :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

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Ella came 2 days early and was 7 lbs 8 oz. Eli was 10 days late and was 9 lbs 7 oz. I think both DH and I went like this :eek: and then laughed out loud when they gave us his birth weight. I'm not a very big person, I didn't think I could make a baby that big!

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:eek: Wow haha it kinda kinda looks like there is a giant watermelon up your shirt!

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i...i....i...i....don't know what to say! wow! first off, it's no wonder you have to hold your belly! looks like you could fall over! secondly, i'm actually jealous of your belly. i WISH i could be all belly in my pregnancy! you look fabulous and amazing! and so little! me, i gain EVERYWHERE. even my arms were pregnant!

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Oh that pic is priceless!! Evan was 9 lb 5oz and only 3 days late. I was a big baby DH was a big baby and I've accepted that I'm doomed to have big giant babies LOL

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We used to joke that he was standing horizontally on my spine Biggrin

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Love the lil baby bump. Smile

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For someone whose stomach can stretch that far, you'd never know it by looking at you! You certainly bounced back and look great!

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that is one bump to be proud off!!!

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At least it is a good looking belly Smile That must have been painful though. Love how you told them at dinner. That will be fun to have a SIL to share this time with!

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that belly is AMAZING!!! was it hard holding it up, lol? did you need a support band? I am so envious, simply stunning!

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Wow - that is a great belly!!! So cute! I love the comment about the baby standing on your spine...I would agree Wink

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Your latest pic looks like me now! It is getting hard for me to hide it! And I am running out of clothing options!!