who's freezing meals??

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who's freezing meals??

I am not good at this...I planned on doing chili and lasagna. What is everyone else doing????

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I plan to this time! I never have gotten around to it in the past pregnancies. I'm not a great cook, but hope to make a bunch of simple dishes to freeze! My plan is to do all my cooking this Saturday, as DH and the kids will be out of town.

I plan to make:

Chicken soup (my mom has a recipe that freezes really well! A childhood favourite!)
Mini quiche tarts
Potato and ham casserole
Banana loaf

DH has recently decided to be a vegetarian for a year to cut down on his cholesterol, so I will probably be the only one eating most of this food, but I will be so glad for some yummy, warm, homecooked meals this chilly winter.

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I have been doing this, but in moments of laziness I have been breaking into my stash!!!

I've got chili, pasta sauce, 12 quarts or so of chicken stock, 6 lbs of frozen pulled pork, 2 lbs of pulled/shredded chicken, a pot roast (uncooked), a large chicken (uncooked), hot dogs, and a few other things stashed in the freezer. DH made 6 quarts of sauce last night, so I'll be freezing a bunch of that too. I hope to make out on getting lots of leftovers from family for Thanksgiving too--hopefully people will take pity on me just coming home from the hospital on Thanksgiving and let me have lots of leftovers. Smile

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I'm not going to cook but I ambuying large ziploc freezer bags and putting in all the ingredients for the crockpot and freezing.

I'm doing beer beef, beef stew, chicken and mushrooms, chicken soup and a pork roast.

Since I got rid of my deep freeze this is all that will fit in the freezer!

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I've never done any freezing of foods before... even that sounds like too much work for me right now lol! I'm sure I won't have a problem cooking after baby comes, and DH actually helps a lot with that. And worst comes to worst, there's always Taco Bell!

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I freeze meals all the time. I usually make a double load, and freeze half for those nights when I forget, or I know I will be busy. You can freeze almost anything, it's great!

I do not do the OMAC (once a month cooking), but if you google it, you can get some great freezer recipies. (Or just google freezer recipies!)

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I have started and I too have dug into them. I plan to do some more and in the end I want to have

pulled beef
taco meat
chicken casserole
banana bread
cookies - need to have baked goods for company hopefully I won't eat them all
chicken soup
bean soup

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I nominate Melanie for the Nov' 11 gracious award! I'm definitely not planning on offering homemade baked goods to any postpartum visitors, lol!

I really want to do freezer meals, but I haven't started and I have no energy at the moment. Since I'm gluten-free, I was going to do ziploc bags of stew and stir-fry (just throw into the crockpot or wok), shepherd's pie and enchiladas.

But lets get real...my go-to dinner these days is this:


can you say lazy? Biggrin

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I invited all my friends to see the baby on October thirtieth. The invite said bring your own donuts and muffins and coffee lol!

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"Freesia34" wrote:

I invited all my friends to see the baby on October thirtieth. The invite said bring your own donuts and muffins and coffee lol!

I hope you added "and extra for Mommy!" Smile