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Wives' Tales (xp)

Just for fun, I thought we could share some of the wives tales we have heard about pregnancies. Like it you carry higher, it's a girl!? Of if there is a fast heartbeat, is it a boy?! I can't remember them all or even remember them accurately.

Share those you have heard!

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I've heard HB over 160 is girl, under 160 is boy (unture, baby's HR changes many times during pregnancy)... carrying high is a girl, low is a boy (untrue, this depends on where the placenta is attached!)... craving salty it's a boy, sweets it's a girl (true for me, my two sons all I wanted was chex mix and doritos, my daughter I wanted slurpees from 7-11!)... nose gets bigger it's a boy, no nose changes it's a girl (true for me, too!)... if you can tell from the back of a woman she's pregnant it's a boy, can't tell it's a girl... soooo many stories, wouldn't it be awesome if JUST ONE could be fool proof!!

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FUN! I know I'm having a boy, so I've been thinking about how accurate these are:

Heart rate (145 over = girl, below = boy): Nope. Our little guy has been between 140-155.

Hairy legs equal boy: yup. I'm pretty much a wooly mammoth.

Crave salt for boys, sugar for girls: yup.

Carrying low for boys: yup

Strong morning sickness indicates girls: Nope.

Hubby gains weight for girls: Don't tell him I said so, but he's gained with our boy.

High protein diet at conception equals boy: Yes

Nose gets bigger for boy: Not yet...

Acne/breakouts indicate girl: Yes...

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There's the one that says if you have the "pregnancy glow" you're having a boy, and if you jus get ugly and tired looking it's a girl! Logic on that one is that if you're growing a girl, she just steals all your beauty Wink

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Pregnancy glow : Sweat from puking too much.

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