The woes of a pregnant woman behind on laundry

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The woes of a pregnant woman behind on laundry

I just peed in my last clean pair of underwear. Dang it.

And darn you leaky bladder.

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OMG this made me totally burst out laughing. I've had a cough for at least 2 weeks. Coughing at 8 months pregnant with a leaky bladder is HELL. I have to go to the bathroom at work to cough sometimes for fear I'll pee myself!

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Awww! You poor thing...although I did lol a little bit! Go to the store and buy depends! Then you can just throw them away and do laundry later.

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:wavehello:Oh Sandra!
I feel badly about the laundry chore...(but admit to a good laugh about the rest.:lol: )

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omg. i feel your pain. i am currently wearing a pair of black comfy pants. the same ones i wore yesterday and the same ones i slept in! yesterday and today my mommy and me class that i teach have halloween parties. i have one pair of black pants and i'm too big to start fighting with jeans.

i definitely took a shower and just hung the pants over the toilet in hopes of airing it out!

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Well, I'm up and at 'em. Looks like it's time to start some laundry this morning Wink

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hehe... this week has been challenging, I finally started wearing a pad for any leaks!
On that note, we DTD last night, first time in 2-3 weeks, and I could not sleep. Junior was having major hiccups forever and my bladder felt like it was convulsing after that for over 2 hours. Finally I drank a bit of wine and that relaxed my bladder.
I was only DTD to encourage dilation, but that will be the last time!!!!!

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LMAO I'm sorry to laugh... you poor thing! I know exactly how you feel! I'm scared to death every time I sneeze lol!

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Sandra, you are freaking hilarious! Seriously.
Sorry to hear about the last pair of clean undee's though... I have started wearing a pad, for leakage protection.
Thanks for making me laugh Smile