Wow - big baby!!

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Wow - big baby!!

So I had a couple more appts today. First I saw internal medicine specialist. They are happy with my BP even though I was nervous as it went up a little- it was not enough to concern them at all. And again it was brought up about my lack of weight gain but since u/s have been showing baby is a good size they did not focus on it. Then I had a u/s with peri. Bloodflow to baby looks great, placenta is great, fluid levels are great and baby is 4lbs 14 oz!!!!!! I was in awe as to how big she is. She is in the 95 percentile. This peri says it is because of my GD. But my diabetic doc says that since my surgars are 100% normal it does not affect the size...I don't know what to think. She grew 24 oz in two weeeks. I figured if she keeps this up she will be between 9-10lbs when we deliver her at 38 weeks. I am kinda of hoping her gain slows down a little - it has me a bit concerned. Who would have thought that I would be worried about DD being to big when DS was 1 1/2lbs when he was born. So the peri has me coming every two weeks for stress test and then the opposite weeks will be for u/s - so I am there weekly. Hopefully it does not get to overwhelming...I am trying to coincide the appts with other appt. I was nervous today when I went though, even had some panic tears. First time this PG - so I was sure something was wrong. It is nice to see that I was wrong - gotta get out of my head Smile

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Thats awsome that you are doing well and that LO is doing good. She is really big but thats ok Smile she will settle down and all will be fine Smile

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Wow you are a super duper baby grower!

It is nice you get to see your little girl so often, I am glad your appt went well.

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That's a great appointment I'm glad you have all the checkups to look forward to, it will be reassuring (though busy). Sorry you had been feeling feeling anxious this time.

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Melanie, I'm sorry your schedule got even busier! :eek:

I'm glad your little girl is growing so well! Biggrin

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Thanks guys. I am not to stressed about the extra appts it is much better to make it to them when I have DS in school.

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Awww Melanie I'm so glad that everything is OK with your little princess! Congrats on a great appt!

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Good job growing that baby, Melaine!

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