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I have all the expensive things for the baby leftover from Mélodie, but now have to get her transitioned So I can use them. I had the stupid notion that for some reason this would make everything cheaper this time around. Well, I just got back from the furniture store and her new bedroom set is going to be about $1600. I'm buying quality and it's a double bed, chest of drawers, bookcase, mirror and matress. I like it, but when I add on a duvet, a cover, pillows, paint, mouldings, blinds, curtains and accessories I'm looking at 2K!!! I'm going to wait to buy it until the end of August when there's no tax, which makes sense because her new room is filled with basement boxes.

I also just bought baby basics today, small pack of diapers, mittens, one nice outfit, nursing pads, can of formula, breast milk storage bags, pacifiers (I hope not to use them, dd never had one), and dropins. It came to $100.

I'm happily broke!

So that got me wondering, how many onesies, sleepers, etc are you getting in each size? I assumed my daughter would be big so didn't get any newborn clothes last time as half of babies take 3 mo. Size right away. This time I have four sleeps in NB and about six outfits in 0-3mos. I might get sone gifts but I don't know as my aunt hasn't mentioned my shower since she suggested it at the beginning.

So what baby basics are you getting and in what quantity?

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You will have to post pics of it when you get it. We had saved DS crib, drawers, change table and book shelf when we bought his new set awhile back. So we are lucky that we do not need any big stuff for either child.

I was thinking the same thing about how much of basics do you need...and I honestly have no idea. It is so hard. What if you have a spitter upper then they are going through many outfits a day and I don't want to be doing laundry daily. DS had reflux and the amount of sleepers and burp clothes we went through was unreal. When I was going through the hand me downs I got yesterday there is quite a few nb sleepers between the two so I don't think I will need more of those so that is good. But for the idea. I feel so clueless about alot of this that I feel like a FTM Smile It will be great to see what others think.

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I bought about 40 onsies some are newborn some are 0-3 months. I have about 20 sleepers again some newborn some 0-3 months.We havent bought any clothes yet as the weather is still pretty warm so options arent there for what Landon will need.I have about 30 receiving blankets because I use tons of them and with the kids they will carry them off so I dont want to have to deal with losing them. We bought 8 new towels and 20 washclothes.6 pairs of mittens and 2 hats.All of my kids were in 0-3 months until they were about 3 months so everything got lots of use since all my kiddos were spitters.All I need now are outfits and a few warmer blankets and a bottle or 2.

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We have all the big things now apart from the stroller from DS. We did have to buy him a new bed and posted pics a while back. I'm thinking of picking up an exersaucer too.

I honestly probably have the same amount as Amber, truckloads. My son was a very spilly baby, and on occasion we would even get the odd power chuck ending both I and him in the shower.

I have a few different outfits mainly consisting of dresses/bloomers and bodysuits with embellishments since it will be summer here. DS was a sweaty baby and lived in just nappies and bodysuits when he was born in December.

I do need to get washcloths, towels, wraps etc, but I will wait til it gets closer to the time.

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wow, that does seem like a truckload of onesies/sleepers!

geez, I don't know what my stash will look like. At the end of August, I have either 1 or 2 baby showers plus I'll be sorting through the hand-me-downs of 2 friends and my sister.

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Most of my onesies came from a neighbor.I only bout 12 new ones. but yea it is alot.

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We're having 4 (gulp) showers so I won't buy anything till after all that is over. I'm not buying any NB stuff because I think I'll get that at my showers and SO and I were both well over 8lbs so I don't think Carter will be in NB for very long.

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I've bought about 10 outfits in each size, 0-3 months and 3-6 months, so far. I gave almost all of my boy clothes to a friend of mine and she said that she still has them all, so I'm waiting to meet up with her and go through everything before I buy anymore clothes. I probably didn't need to buy anything because I gave her so much stuff, but I want him to have a few new outfits that aren't hand-me-downs!!

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I have everything clothing-wise from Evan so I doubt I'll buy much of anything there. I don't really see a point unless they wind up dramatically different in size.

I want a nice double stroller that will probably cost a bit. But we want 3 total so I figure it will get use for a good while.

I *think* we'll but a second 4-in-1 crib but we may not do a whole bedroom. We're thinking we might put the crib in our spare bedroom for now until the baby is through the waking at night etc then move him in with Evan to share the room leaving the spare bedroom as a spare and DH's office still. And it will save a little money. Then if/when #3 comes along we'll decide if we want to revamp that room and hopefully by then we will have been able to afford to finish the basement to move the spare bedroom and DH's office down there.

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Hi Smile

Okay I have to admit, I didn't buy anything baby furniture, gear wise because of having it all from my dd. They outgrow the baby phase so quickly, the thought of new just didn't seem practical. I did buy clothing for him and purchased about 16 sleepers and the same number of onsies, two dress up outfits, a winter coat, and a couple of other things. I purchased so many sleepers because I know they can get changed a lot and I bought the warmer ones due to it'll be winter. I have to pick up newborn diapers but I think that's about it. All the other things, like baby shampoo, etc dd uses on a regular basis. I guess there's a perk to having them back to back like this.


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The only thing we are buying for the new baby is some more cloth diapers, but that is going to be used by both babies. I have tons and tons of clothes from kay that we are just going to sort through and put in groups of age wise. Where I am going to put clothes for a 12 month old and a newborn is beyond me, so we might end up looking for a new dresser but thats about it.

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Wow that is a bit of sticker shock after all the advance quality planning. I have been looking at nursery gear, convertible crib sets etc and wondering how long it can be used. With DD we had mostly hand-me downs for the nursery and bought all the 'gear' either new or used - vibrachair, swing, exersaucers, jolly jumpers, carseats, bassinette etc. We need a new crib for this baby but still have everything else. So I'm thinking a new crib and maybe a matching dresser - but to spend the money I'm thinking convertible so we could get a few years out of it. I would like to know gender so it's easier to choose the style though!
Same for clothes, I have kept everything but my organizing of it might not have been so great. I'm sure there is almost nothing in there though that is gender neutral.
Thinking about all that and the limited time left to sort it out makes me a bit stressed Smile