Yep...AF is in town

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Yep...AF is in town

I knew it was going to happen soon! I'm 6 weeks pp on Tuesday. AF showed up after we got home from church tonight. I'm using pads because I'm too scared to use tampons right now. I have a pp check up today at 1pm and I'm suppose to get a pap since I was 6 months pregnant when it was due. Ugh. I'm not at all looking forward to it. My boobs are sore, back hurts, and I'm crampy. Lame. Matt had wanted to try to DTD a few weeks ago and boy am I glad we didn't! I would just die if I got pregnant twice in one year! Okay, end of my vent. I'm going back to the couch with my heating pad!

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Bummer. I have pcos so don't really get periods but after all the pp bleeding is over, if AF showed up right away I'd be pissed! Hopefully she will be kind and have a short visit.

We aren't DTD til at least after going to my pp check up. I've made that abundantly clear. Poor DH but he doesn't have a broken down there area like I do!!

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Bummer!!! After my 3rd degree tear DTD hurt for a full 6 months after, i was shocked and POd about that it was horrible!!! Good luck at the appt I hope you at least get the all-clear Sad

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Ugh! How unfair that she's back so darn soon! BOO!

I'm such a slacker I didn't even go to a PP check up after Evan - I went back when I get preg again LOL We'll see what I do this time, I'm not due for a pap so if everything feels fine....

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To bad she showed...last thing you need! Good luck at your appt....had mine yesterday.