Yesterdays Appointment

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Yesterdays Appointment

Finally, i got in to see my Dr. I am excited, she is soooo jolly and kind. My last Dr. was not very friendly and always in a big hurry.

I was nervous, but we found a HB in the 160-70'S during the US:D.

The only glitch is I have to move for 2 or 3 weeks 2-3 hours south while we wait to close our new house and I not only have to drive ,(with my sleepy preg. brain), to appointments and my NT scan is in another state. :eek:
This makes no sense because I know of at least one US near the Dr.'S practice, where I went last time...

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Hooray for the HB! Biggrin

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tha thump, tha thump... the most beautiful music to a mother to be's ears! Congratulations!

Can you call the office back and see if they cant work somethingout for you??