Are you hurting like I am? (xp)

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Are you hurting like I am? (xp)

OK, so I feel like I've done nothing but piss and moan all day on this board about one thing or another... but it's just one of those days! I'm just finishing up my shift (thank God!) and I'm in so much pain! I sit at my job (again, thank God!) but after a few hours my back really starts killing me because these chairs aren't exactly the best... but when I get up to walk around I'm also in pain because I've been sitting for so many hours. I'm in pain walking around for more than ten minutes now, too! I went to the mall yesterday and after just a few minutes I started having tons of pressure down there, like he was going to fall out! I know it's because this is my fourth baby and my muscles down there just aren't what they used to be (this happened with my last baby, but not until around 36 weeks, and it's because of this extreme pain that she agreed to induce me at 39 weeks)... but still. So now I basically can't sit, walk, or stand without hurting. And that's not including laying down, or trying to roll from one side to another in the bed... which is excrutiating! I didn't have these problems with my first two babies, but with DD and this one, it's like it keeps getting worse... like my body wasn't made to have more than two children and because I keep getting pregnant I'm being punished! Is anyone else going through this?!

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I had a really rough day today. I think I pulled a muscle in my lower back while vigorously mopping the floor today. I can't sit, stand or go up or down stairs without serious pain!

Then I started having really bad upper back pain that shot right through me to my chest. It was completely debilitating. Thankfully after I lay down for 30 minutes with a big bottle of water it subsided.

The pelvic pressure is so bad! I think my insides are falling out Wink

If I could get a good sleep tonight that would help but I know my hips will keep me up all night.


Almost done, right? :rolleyes: I do love being pregnant most of the time but these last few weeks are so tough!

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Krystal and Sandra- hugs! I know what you are talking about. No particular position is the best, it's like you have to have strategies for sleeping. Nothing lasts for too long either...
All I can say is, these babies better decide to come out soon!

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I am with you guys as well....ouch!!