you know what bugs me?

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you know what bugs me?

as much or more than comments about my baby belly size or eating habits?

when people ask me what sex my LO is and then proceed to tell me I'm probably wrong. PUH-LEASE.

Everyone knows "someone" who had 70 ultrasounds which were all wrong and was surprised by the sex of their baby in the end. Note to everyone: shut up. I even had some weird stranger try and tell me the other day that 30% of gender scans are wrong. Citation, please?

Anyway, end of rant. How are you ladies doing?

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I'm so sorry that people are being crap-holes to you Jasmine! I feel the same way when anyone says stupid stuff to me... the other day I had a guest at my resort ask me if I'm having twins when he found out I wasnt due for another three months. Does he think it makes me feel better that he thinks I look nine months pregnant already?!?! I swear some people should be born mute and spare the world their stupidity...

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OMG love it Krystal how funny I agree! ppl always ask me why im still working I should be due any day right? Then I tell tell them not for how ever long and then I get the blank stare! stupid ppl........I also work at a resort too Smile

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UGH! It seems that when people see a pregnant belly = ability to say whatever they want to said pregnant woman. I remember almost punching a lady Harbor Freight when I was about 27 weeks pregnant with Jack. She looked at me and said "Honey, when are you due?" I said "December". "Oh, you look like you're going to pop that baby out now.". Um thanks. I needed that. I feel like a cow anyhow.
It just so happens I am short, and have a short torso, and my husband is over 6 feet tall. Babies have no where to go in my abdominal cavity but OUT front, making me look huge.
Whatever. I think being pregnant means we can drop kick rude people, or at least call them out when they are being stupid.

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When people say stupid stuff to me I laugh and tell them I have entered an on line contest for pregnant women. Whoever hears the stupidest comment that day wins a gift card. Then I say, "Thanks, I think you just won me a Starbucks card today!."

The bonehead guys I work with are a little less chatty with me these days Smile

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My mil always says, how are you how much have you gained? Next time I just might slap her and tell her to mind her own damn business. The answer btwnis 6,5 pounds. Nitvexactly packing them on!! (I started 70 over so there is no concern for my health)

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I know. People really need to keep their mouths shut!!!!

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