Yup I'm nuts!!

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Yup I'm nuts!!

I just paid for a cruise! I'll be going alone (dh has a Jonnie so he can't come) with the two girls to Disneyland for three days then meeting Momand Dad for a week Disney cruiseto Mexico. I'm now beyond broke but happy Smile hopefully Maya will continue to be an easy baby!!0

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That sounds like a blast!

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That sounds so awesome....what is a Jonnie?

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Autocorrect! He has a job Smile

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That sounds like so much fun! When are you going?

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Febrauary 23. Can't wait!!

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I don't think you're crazy I'm totalllly jealous! I want to go on a Disney cruise!

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I would do it by my self. lol. I hope you have fun though Smile

And not to sound dumb or anything but whats jonnie and why can't he go because of it?

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Have fun!! There were lots of tiny babies on the cruise we went on. They are fairly easy to travel with if they are good babes. We may be headed to Mexico end of feb as a good friend of DH is getting married. We will be taking baby but leaving my other two home with grandparents. They got to go on our cruise and to disneyworld this year- so a nice vacay with dh and me will be nice.

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Jonnie was a bad autocorrect of job Smile he's working again after seven months unemployed!!